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Promotion increases an Operator's maximum stats and grants new Talents or Skills.
—Loading screen tip

In Arknights, Promotion is the "limit break" mechanic which increases an Operator's level and attribute cap, as well as unlocking new skills and/or talents, or improving existing talents.

Only 3★ and above Operators that can be promoted; 1★ and 2★ Operators are stuck at their maximum level of 30.

There are two possible promotions: Elite 1 (E1) and Elite 2 (E2).

Elite 1

Elite 1.png

To promote an Operator to E1, they must reach the maximum level first (40 for 3★, 45 for 4★, 50 for 5★ and 6★).

  • 3★: 10000 LMD icon.png
  • 4★: 15000 LMD icon.png, 3 Chips, few T2 upgrade materials
  • 5★: 20000 LMD icon.png, 4 Chips, some T2 upgrade materials
  • 6★: 30000 LMD icon.png, 5 Chips, many T2 upgrade materials

Elite 2

Elite 2.png

Only 4★ Operators and above can be promoted to E2; 3★ Operators are stuck at the maximum level of 55 at E1.

To promote an Operator to E2, they must be promoted to E1 and reach the maximum level (60 for 4★, 70 for 5★, 80 for 6★).

  • 4★: 60000 LMD icon.png, 5 Chip Packs, many T3 upgrade materials
  • 5★: 120000 LMD icon.png, 3 Dualchips, some T3 and T4 upgrade materials
  • 6★: 180000 LMD icon.png, 4 Dualchips, some T4 and T5 upgrade materials

All Operators gain alternate artwork when promoted to E2, after which this artwork becomes the new default one.


E2 promotions are time-consuming and expensive due to the resources needed, especially for 6★ and 5★ Operators, so the following should be considered before promoting Operators to E2.

  • Team composition: E2 Operators may or may not have an impact in a squad due to the benefits they provide. For instance, Centurions have their block count increased from 2 to 3 at E2, which also increases their potential damage output, and can make all the difference in most situations.
  • Value: "Quality over quantity" is the best phrase to describe this consideration. One E2 Operator with more utility is better than multiple of them who rely on their stats alone. This is especially noticeable in 6★ Operators who gain a new skill and talent at E2.

It is recommended to promote DPS Operators (Casters, Guards, and Snipers) to E2 first, followed by frontline Operators (Defenders and Vanguards), Medics, and finally Supporters, in that order. Specialists can vary widely between subclasses and individual units, and as such should be considered individually, e.g. Dollkeepers can be considered similarly to Guards while Geeks can be considered similarly to Supporters.