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You must have noticed that our Operators will lose HP when continuously engaged in combat. Without proper backup, they may fall on the battlefield.
Dobermann on TR-1

Health points/Hit points (HP) represents how much damage that the unit can take.

If a unit's HP reaches 0, they will be removed from the map in various ways:

  • Operators are forced to retreat, or known in-game as being knocked out (KO'd).
  • Enemy units are killed, or known in-game as being defeated.
  • Deployable and static devices, including summons, are destroyed.

Enemies' HP values are not directly shown unlike those of Operators and most units, instead displayed as one of the following ten ratings which roughly determines their amount:

SS >500000
S+ 250000 ~ 500000
S 100000 ~ 250000
A+ 25000 ~ 100000
A 12000 ~ 25000
B+ 8000 ~ 12000
B 5000 ~ 8000
C 3500 ~ 5000
D 1000 ~ 3500
E <1000


HP lock