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Block represents how many enemies that can be blocked by the unit. Melee Operators (as well as ranged ones in certain situations) and certain deployable and static devices can block enemies once they are on the same tile as each other, halting the enemy's advance as they are forced to stop and attack the blocking unit. However, if the amount of enemies on the same tile as the friendly exceeds their block count, the additional enemies will move past the friendly.

Blocked enemies are treated as being within the blocking unit's range, regardless of whether that is the case or not. If the enemy is invulnerable while being blocked (e.g. when put to Sleep or are transitioning into the next phase for most bosses) they will use the usual hitbox mechanic to determine whether or not they are within the range of the blocking unit, which can be detrimental for units that can attack sleeping enemies if the victims are being blocked while behind them.


The following enemies cannot be blocked.




Enemy Information
The High Priest cannot be blocked.
Becomes unblockable while their respective Holographic Mirage (MK2) is present.
Becomes unblockable while over Nethersea Brands.
Cannot be blocked in the first phase.
Becomes unblockable when charging.
Stitch cannot be blocked.
Becomes unblockable once their identity is confirmed.
Cannot be blocked while on the Self-Destruction state.

Multiple block

The following enemies are counted as more than one unit when blocked, thus they can only be blocked by units whose available block count are equal to or higher than how much block count the enemy takes up.

2 units


3 units


4 units



Enemy Information
Normally counted as one enemy when blocked; when their HP falls below 50%, the Brandguider will be counted as two enemies instead.
  • From its second phase, The Endspeaker is counted as three enemies when blocked.
  • If The Endspeaker had Consumed the Remains of a Regressed Brandguider in the previous phase, it will be counted as four enemies when its HP falls below 40%.
Normally counted as one enemy when blocked; each Star Ring on the map increases Kristen's block count requirement by 1.



  • Stunned friendly units cannot block enemies at all, even if their block count is somehow increased by external sources. This quirk also applies to the following:
  • When friendly units block enemies, both's Invisibility is disabled, although this does not work on friendlies deployed on a Bush or Exhaust Grille.
  • When not blocking enemies:
  • Instructor Guards deal 1.2× damage when attacking enemies that they are not blocking, which is increased to 1.3× with their respective INS-X Operator Modules.
  • Artilleryman Snipers and Dreadnought Guards with their respective ART-X and DRE-X Modules, respectively, deal 1.1×/1.15× damage when attacking enemies that are being blocked, even if they are not blocked by the Artilleryman/Dreadnought themselves.
  • Duelist Defenders can only generate/receive SP when blocking enemies.
    • With their respective HES-X Module, the Duelist generates SP at a much slower rate (0.2/sec.) when not blocking enemies instead.
    • With their respective HES-Y Module, the Duelist can receive SP when not blocking enemies.
Operator Subject Interaction
Sharp Nails Enemies attacked by Aosta will bleed for 3 seconds so long as they are not being blocked, during which they take Arts damage equal to a portion of Aosta's ATK every second. The bleed damage is doubled while Skill-Aosta1.png Shadow Nails is active.
  • Elite 1: 12%
  • Elite 2: 18%
  • Potential 5: +2%
Activate Phase Blades
Enemies blocked by friendly units in the surrounding tiles to Ayerscarpe will be struck by a melee attack that deals Arts damage equal to a portion of Ayerscarpe's ATK whenever he attacks.
  • Level 1: 70%
  • Level 2: 80%
  • Level 3: 90%
  • Level 4: 100%
  • Level 5: 110%
  • Level 6: 120%
  • Level 7: 130%
  • Mastery 1: 140%
  • Mastery 2: 150%
  • Mastery 3: 170%
Protean Increases ATK when blocking enemies or ASPD otherwise.
  • Elite 1: 6%/6
  • Elite 2: 12%/12
  • Potential 5: +2%/+2
"Really Cold Axe"
The attack with "Really Cold Axe" target enemies who are not being blocked over the others.
Ally Support
Fartooth can attack blocked enemies outside her attack range.
Featherweight Increases the damage dealt when Flint attacks enemies she aren't blocking.
  • Elite 1: 20%
  • Elite 2: 40%
  • Potential 5: +5%
Battleaxe Each enemy blocked by Gavial the Invincible further increases the ATK and DEF buff, which can stack without a limit.
  • Elite 1: 3%
  • Elite 2: 4%
  • Potential 3: +1%
A Disastrous Drowning
Harmonie will only attack blocked enemies.
Unexpected Arrive Increases the damage dealt when attacking blocked enemies.
  • Elite 1: 12%
  • Elite 2: 17%
  • MSC-X Stage 2: 20%
  • MSC-X Stage 3: 22%
  • Potential 5: +3%
Pain Focus Reduces Physical and Arts damage taken from enemies not blocked by Lessing while he is blocking enemies.
  • Elite 1: 20%
  • Elite 2: 35%

The damage reduction is increased to 2× (2.2× at Mastery 3) while Skill-Lessing2.png Clash of the Faithful is active.

Increases the Physical damage dealt when attacking blocked enemies.
  • Level 1: 145%
  • Level 2: 145%
  • Level 3: 150%
  • Level 4: 160%
  • Level 5: 165%
  • Level 6: 170%
  • Level 7: 180%
  • Mastery 1: 190%
  • Mastery 2: 200%
  • Mastery 3: 220%
Blazing Sun's Obeisance
The Radiant Knight will deal True damage when attacking enemies being blocked by herself or Blazing Sun.
"As You Wish"
Rosmontis will only attack blocked enemies.
Rosmontis's Tactical Equipment Enemies blocked by the Tactical Equipments have their DEF reduced by 160.
Vulnerability Deconstruction Amplifies the Physical damage taken by blocked enemies when Sesa is deployed.
  • Elite 1: 7%
  • Elite 2: 15%
  • Potential 5: +2%
Arts Sniper Amplifies the Arts damage taken by blocked enemies when Skyfire is deployed.
  • Elite 1: 7%
  • Elite 2: 15%
  • Potential 5: +3%


Certain enemies will use a melee attack when blocked or a ranged attack otherwise, which may have different properties depending on the enemy in question.

Enemy Interaction
Will "blink" past the friendly unit blocking her when blocked (15 seconds cooldown).
Gains 40 RES (50 RES for Rockbreaker Leaders) when blocked.
  • Tiacauh Warrior/Guard gains 130/180 DEF when blocked.
  • Tiacauh Ritualist/Shaman gains 200/300 DEF when blocked.
Their attacks reduce the target's block count by 1 for 5 (Agent)/10 (Agent Leader) seconds.
Will erupt every 10 seconds when blocked, dealing 1000/1800 (Level 1) Arts damage to friendly units in a radius of 1.4 tiles around Pompeii.
When blocked, the Brave/Champion and the blocker have their DEF reduced by 70%, with the former can only be damaged by the latter and has an aggression level of -1.
Their ability to deal Arts damage every second will be disabled when blocked.
Can only be blocked by friendly units whose Hui/Ming attribute matches them.
Will dash past the friendly unit blocking her when blocked and deals Physical damage equal to 150% of her ATK to friendlies she dashed through (immediately used when blocked the first time, 30 seconds cooldown).
Can dodge Physical (and Arts for Ominous Apparitions) attacks 40% of the time when not blocked.
  • Can dodge Physical and Arts attacks 40% of the time when not blocked.
  • Will dash past the friendly unit blocking him when blocked and spawns an Ominous Apparition on his previous position (10/15 seconds cooldown).
Will dash past the friendly unit blocking him when blocked (40 seconds cooldown).
Takes 25% (50% in the second phase) less Physical and Arts damage from friendly units that are not blocking him.
Takes 50% (75% for Alloy Surfing Instructors) less Physical and Arts damage when not blocked.
Will devour the blocking friendly unit when blocked for the first time, instantly knocking out/destroying the blocker and increases the Devourer/Maw's DEF by 700 but reduces their speed by 30%; if the devoured friendly was an Operator, they cannot be redeployed until the Devourer/Maw is defeated.
Takes 50% (35% in Round 2) less damage when not blocked.
All Civilians and Spies whose identity is not confirmed/compromised yet will become unblockable unless if the Instigator/Agitator is blocked themselves.
After landing three attacks when blocked, they will dash 1.5 tiles towards the next checkpoint on their path and deals Physical damage equal to their ATK towards the blocking friendly unit.
Their attacks reduce the target's block count by 1 for 3 seconds. If the target is on a Gravity Switch, their block count will be reduced to 0 instead.
One of the effects of his Demand reduces the block count of all friendly units at the time it is activated by 1, which increases to 2 on the second phase.
Their speed buff upon taking damage will expire as soon as they are blocked.
Its Speeding Mode will be forcibly ended after the Smiley collided with friendly units with a block count of at least 4 five times.
  • Reborn Creations increase the block count of friendly units blocking them by 1, which can be increased to +6 this way. Since the Creations are still counted when blocked, this essentially means that up to 6 Reborn Creations are excluded from the friendly unit's block count.


Advanced: Block Manipulation

Since Block mechanics tie with several other systems in Arknights, such as targeting, it is possible via skills and mechanics which alter block count to perform "block manipulation", i.e. change which enemies are or are not blocked, and by which operators. It is an extremely advanced mechanic that functionally only sees use in high level play. The most obvious example of block manipulation comes from Heidi, whose skills are entirely predicated on modifying the block count of friendly operators.