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Attack Interval represents the delay between attacks made by the unit, which is shown in seconds (e.g. Exusiai, who have an attack interval of 1, attacks once every second) and influenced by the unit's attack speed or ASPD, which will be further explained below.

An Operator's attack interval is not directly shown, instead displayed as one of the following five ratings which roughly determines their value:

Very Fast <0.8 sec.
Fast 0.8 ~ 1 sec.
Average 1 ~ 1.2 sec.
Slightly Slow 1.2 ~ 1.6 sec.
Slow >1.6 sec.

Prior to the Hortus de Escapismo update, enemies' attack interval are not shown in-game. After the update, they are now displayed as one of the following ten ratings which roughly determines their value:

SS <0.5 sec.
S+ 0.5 ~ 0.8 sec.
S 0.8 ~ 1 sec.
A+ 1 ~ 1.2 sec.
A 1.2 ~ 1.7 sec.
B+ 1.7 ~ 2.6 sec.
B 2.6 ~ 3.5 sec.
C 3.5 ~ 5 sec.
D 5 ~ 6.9 sec.
E ≥7 sec.


Attack interval includes three phases: Wind-up, Launch, and Wind-down.

Wind-up Phase

When a target is eligible to be chosen by the attacking unit, the unit will enter Wind-up Phase. The attacker will immediately choose a target according to Aggression. The attacking animation is played and the animation timer starts.

The length of the Wind-up Phase depends on the animation length. For example, Siege has a longer Wind-up Phase than Saga.

Launch Phase

When the Wind-up Phase ends, the attack is launched towards the target.

  • If there is no projectile, then the attack immediately hits the target and the damage of the attack is calculated.
  • If the attack launches a projectile, then the damage calculation occurs at the moment the projectile impacts the target. Buffs and debuffs can begin or cease to apply mid-flight.

If the attack is aborted before the Launch Phase, the attack is cancelled and the attack interval is cleared. If the attack is aborted during or after the Launch Phase, the attack is cancelled, but any skills attached to that attack (e.g. Power Strike α/β/γ or Bombtail's bomb attack) and on-attack talent effects (e.g. Platinum's ATK buff from All-Out Attack) do not reset and must recharge if possible. Infused Originium Slugs and other enemies with a similar on-death effect launch an invisible projectile toward their own position upon death with a "travel time" equal to their Wind-down animation duration.

For channeled skills (e.g. Angelina's second and third skills or Eyjafjalla's third skill), a channel animation plays on a loop, with attacks launched according to the attack interval for the duration of the skill.

Wind-down Phase

When the Launch phase is finished and any projectile has been launched, the Wind-down Phase starts and an animation is played.

If the Wind-down Phase ends and the animation timer is shorter than the attack interval, the attacker will return to the idle state before the next Wind-up Phase.

If the calculated attack interval is shorter than the combined duration of the Wind-up and Wind-down animations, the animations will be shown in a faster speed.


There are two types of attack interval modifiers: flat and base.


Flat interval modifiers increase or decrease the attack interval that is added or subtracted directly from the base value before the base interval modifiers are applied. Flat interval modifiers only affect the unit themselves and there can never be two or more flat interval modifiers (whether increase or decrease) active on a single unit at a time.

Flat interval modifiers can be distinguished by including "Attack Interval" on the descriptions although some are not stated in-game, which could be fixed, multiplication, or percentage depending on the source in question.


Base interval modifiers increase/decrease the attack interval by a set percentage of the base attack interval (though listed as a decimal number in-game), which stacks additively with each other.

Base interval modifiers can be distinguished by including "ASPD" on the descriptions. All units have 100 ASPD by default.

For example, "ASPD +5" and "ASPD +10" together are the same as "ASPD +15", indicating a 15% increase in attack speed and therefore reducing the attack interval by 17.6%.

ASPD calculation

An Operator's ASPD is calculated by the following formula:

a = 100 ÷ [100 + x/b + y]


  • a represents the final attack interval.
  • b represents the base attack interval.
  • x represents the sum of all base ASPD modifiers.
  • y represents the flat attack interval modifier.

ASPD modifiers



Many Operators have the ability to increase the ASPD of friendly units (including themselves), but those will not be listed in this page due to their numbers.

One of the most notable examples are the Tactical Chant and Swift Strike skills, which increases the user's ASPD for their duration.


Enemy Method Value
Unnatural Gift (lasts 10 seconds, 15 seconds cooldown; will never affect the Fallen/Hollow Snowpriest themselves) 100


  • Units affected by Cold have their ASPD reduced by 30.

Against enemies

Dominions created by Emperor's Blade, "Pursuer" reduces the ASPD of enemies within by 50 once the Pursuer is defeated.

Operator Source Range/target Value
Kindness Begets Prosperity Enemies blocked by Lee; the effect is doubled if there is only one enemy in the surrounding tiles to Lee
  • Elite 1: 7 (14)
  • Elite 2: 15 (30)
  • Potential 5: +1 (+2)
Robotter Enemies blocked by Robotters
  • Base: 10
  • Elite 1/2: 25
  • SUM-X Stage 2: 28
  • SUM-X Stage 3: 30
Wax and Wane
Attack with the first effect, lasts 5 seconds
  • Level 1-3: 20
  • Level 4-6: 25
  • Level 7-Mastery 2: 30
  • Mastery 3: 35
Within attack range
  • Level 1-3: 30
  • Level 4-6: 40
  • Level 7: 50
  • Mastery 1: 53
  • Mastery 2: 56
  • Mastery 3: 60
Unwavering Banner
  • Elite 1: 5
  • Elite 2: 10
  • Potential 5: +2
Delayed Concussive Parts
Concussion grenade detonation, lasts 3 seconds
  • Level 1-3: 3
  • Level 4-6: 6
  • Level 7: 10
  • Mastery 1: 13
  • Mastery 2: 16
  • Mastery 3: 20

Against friendlies

Dominions reduce the ASPD of the friendly unit on them by 50.

Enemy Method Value
Ice ring attack (radius 2 tiles, lasts 8 seconds) 50
Friendly units in a radius of 2.5 tiles 50%
When blocked (does not stack) 80%
When a Companion Shadowblade is in a radius of 1.4 tiles, 1.1 tiles radius 30
Mandragora's Gaze 70%
Negative Status inflicted by explosion when defeated (radius 1.25 tiles, lasts 15 seconds) 40
Debuff (the most recent deployed friendly unit, 20 second cooldown; cooldown reduces to 15 seconds and will be used after 10 seconds when enraged) 50%
Hemolytic Horror's Fear debuff 70
Primal Deterrence aura (radius 1.5 tiles) 50
Aura (radius 2.5 tiles; expanded to 3.5 tiles in the second phase)
  • Phase 1: 60
  • Phase 2: 80
  • Phase 1: 35%
  • Phase 2: 50%
Friendly units on the Seedbeds it creates 50
When attacked, lasts 5 seconds 40
Blood mists created by Moon-Devouring Bloodmist and the Throne of Blood (radius 1.7 tiles)