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Imprisonment is a unique enemy mechanic in Arknights.


The inmates of the Mansfield State Prison wear a restrainment collar which keeps them from resisting and holds them back from fighting effectively, but it can fail to function if the inmate tries to resist hard enough. Fortunately, the collars can be forcefully reactivated through special "imprisonment devices".

All Prisoner enemies are subject to the Imprisonment mechanic where they start in an imprisoned state indicated by their collar's white color, where their ASPD is reduced by 50. However, after the enemy attacks four times, they will enter the freed state and have their ATK increased by 50% in addition to receiving additional properties depending on the enemy, listed in the table below; the collar will turn orange when the enemy is only one attack away from freeing themselves and turns red once they are freed, at which a distinctive sound effect can be heard.

Using Imprisonment Devices on freed enemies will revert them into the imprisoned state, though it does not reset the attack count needed for already imprisoned enemies to free themselves.

Prisoner enemy Additional effects
Ordinary Prisoner
Seasoned Prisoner
Sniper Prisoner
Elite Sniper Prisoner
Their attacks deal Arts damage instead of Physical when freed.
Pugilist Prisoner
Elite Pugilist Prisoner
Their attacks ignore 60%/80% (Elite) of the target's DEF when freed.
Strongman Prisoner
Herculean Prisoner
When freed:
  • Have +40/+60 (Herculean) RES.
  • Regenerates 150/300 (Herculean) HP every second.
Caster Prisoner
Deadly Caster Prisoner
Does not attack (and are thus exempt from the ASPD reduction) but have +300 DEF while imprisoned.
Infamous Recidivist
Have +300 DEF while imprisoned.


Enemy Interaction
Caster Prisoner
Deadly Caster Prisoner
Since they do not attack while imprisoned, they can only be freed by (Infamous) Recidivist and Jesselton Williams (see below).
Infamous Recidivist
When freed for the first time, frees all other imprisoned enemies present as well.
Jesselton Williams
Frees all imprisoned enemies present upon entering the second phase.