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Periodically applies Cold to all units.
—Description of operations with Snowfall
During Snowfall, all enemies are pushed in a certain direction.
—Description of operations with Penetrating Cold Snowfall

The Snowfall is an operation mechanic[note 1] in Arknights, introduced in Break the Ice.


The mountains of Kjerag are known to have a low temperature, especially when it starts snowing. On operations with Snowfall, all friendly and enemy units present will intermittently be inflicted with Cold while the Snowfall is active; the Cold is applied every 10 seconds, but its active window (default 1 second) and the Cold duration (default 5 seconds) may change in certain operations.

In certain operations, the Snowfall is a Penetrating Cold variant which also blows away enemies toward a certain direction with varying force level depending on the operation.

When a Snowfall is active, the edges of the screen appear to be frozen and snowflakes will drift about; a noticeable blizzard effect will cover the screen when the Cold is about to be inflicted, accompanied by a gust of wind for the Penetrating Cold variant.


Enemy Interaction
Have +30% ATK during a Snowfall.
Have +30% ATK during a Snowfall, which increases to 50% on the second phase.


Side Stories All Break the Ice (BI) operations except BI-EX-6
Story Collections FD-5TB-2TC-1
In BI-5, BI-6, BI-EX-2 to BI-EX-5, and BI-TR-2, the Snowfall is of the Penetrating Cold variant.


  1. Technically provided by a static device of the same name, which is hidden in-game.