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Kjerag is a Terran country which borders Columbia, Kazimierz, and Victoria. It is a theocracy based on the worship of Kjeragandr, the national goddess who protects the land. Kjerag is known for its strong religious influence with the Karlan Saintess acting as the spiritual leader and political figurehead.[1] The Vine-Bear Court acts as the highest authority to its people while the Tri-Clan Council deals with secular affairs.

The Kjeragians highly venerates Kjeragandr through various festivals and religious rituals, particularly the annual Grand Ceremony held to commemorate Kjeragandr's appearance and acts as a national holiday whilst the three noble clans of Kjerag organize the Holy Hunt where the Saintess hunts down the legendary Tschäggättäs to bring good fortune.[2]

The Kjeragian language is similar to Norwegian and Swiss German in our world. However, both have distinct grammars and accents, even though both are mutually intelligible enough with each other.

Kjerag is nicknamed the "Snow Realm" due to its rugged, snowbound mountainous landscape that protects Kjerag from Catastrophes and foreign invasions. Its geographical features allow the inhabitants to live in sedentary settlements.


A bird's eye-view of Kjerag's mountain basins

A few thousand years ago, Kjerag was founded by the eponymous goddess who led Her people to settle in the rugged mountains. For the next three centuries, Kjeragandr ruled the nation until She decided to ascend into the heavens amidst a blizzard. Before Her departure, Kjeragandr appointed the three greatest noble families, the Silverashes, the Browntails, and the Paleroches, as Kjerag's nominal leaders.[3] Such traditions have been maintained for millennia out of the people's respect for Kjeragandr.

Due to its geographical features and the long period of peace, Kjerag is not particularly interested to the outside world and prefers to focus on internal affairs. But as the geopolitics around Kjerag grows tenuous, especially since the rise of Columbia and the fall of the Gaulish Empire, change is inevitable. Tensions already rose between the reformist Silverashes and the conservative faction led by the Paleroches, Browntails, and the Vine-Bear Court who wish to maintain the status quo. The matter became worse in the Terran year 1082, when Olafur, the Silverashes' former patriarch, died with his wife Elizabeth in a train accident, giving the opportunity for the other two clans to oust the Silverashes from the Tri-Clan Council through political schemes.[4] For the next few years, the Paleroches and Browntails dominated Kjerag's politics until Olafur's firstborn son Enciodes returned from Victoria and founded the Karlan Trade seven years ago (the year 1090), restoring the Silverashes' position in the Council by allowing the other two clans to benefit from their trade.

Despite this, the Silverashes were impatient withe the slow progress and planned to "accelerate" Kjerag's modernization through various unequal deals with foreign countries and over-extraction of its natural resources. In the meantime, the Paleroches, Browntails, and Vine-Bear Court worry that the Silverashes' methods would bring an end to peace in the Snow Realm and desecrate the Kjeragandr cult's tradition and faith. This came to head in a brief conflict dubbed the Snowcap Incident that led to Kjerag ending its centuries-long isolationism, unifying the three clans under one banner, and changing itself for the better.


Karlan Trade

Notable people

Arctosz Paleroche icon.png
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Ratatos Browntail icon.png
Sciurus Browntail icon.png
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  • Olafur Silverash
  • Elizabeth SilverAsh: A Victorian woman who was the mother of Enciodes, Enya, and Ensia respectively. She died alongside Olafur in a train accident.
  • Luca Browntail: The former patriarch of the Browntail clan and the grandfather of Ratatos and Sciurus. He was one of Olafur's biggest detractors, and even actually planned to kill him.
  • Old Paleroche.png
    Old Paleroche: The former patriarch of the Paleroches and the father of Arctosz Paleroche who left the family to live a hermit life in a Kjeragian monastery out of his regret over the divorce of Tatyana Larina and the fall of the Silverashes under the Browntails' plot which he deemed that it was Kjeragandr's fate for him to give up his wealth. During the events at Lake Silberneherze, he coincidentally reunited with Leto and intended to reveal the truth to Arctosz, only to be delayed by a reunion drinking party. He also keeps a talisman specially made for Leto during her childhood but never delivered after the departure of the Larinas back to Ursus.


Ferocious Clawbeast
Frigid AS.T
Icefield Warrior
Icefield Warrior Leader
Icefield Hunter
Icefield Hunter Leader
Icefield Caster
Icefield Caster Leader
Icefield Arts Fighter
Icefield Arts Guard
Icefield Berserker
Icefield Berserker Leader



  • Lake Silberneherze
  • Mount Karlan: The most sacred mountain in the Kjeragandr cult, located between the Silverashes and Paleroches' territory, and said to be Kjeragandr's abode. The Karlan Square where the Kjeragandr cult's festivals are held and the Hoff Angrsaal temple complex are located on Mt. Karlan's foothills.
  • Mount Jungfrau: Named after the 3rd Karlan Saintess, Mt. Jungfrau is said to be made from Kjeragandr's tears. Hiking or climbing Mt. Jungfrau is forbidden without permission from the Paleroches.[5]
  • Mount Matterhorn: The tallest mountain in Kjerag which Matterhorn is named after.[5]
  • Mount Filnona: A mountain located in the southern part of Kjerag which, according to a legend, was named after a foreign Caprinae climber who attempted to reach for its peak twenty five years ago, never to be seen again. The locals decided to name the mountain after her as a tribute.[6]


  • Turicum: The capital of the Silverashes' territory. It is Kjerag's only industrial area and gateway to the outside world through K.T.'s activities.


  • Hoff Angrsaal: The main temple of the Kjeragandr cult located at the foothills of Mt. Kjerag. The temple complex also acts as the residence of the Karlan Saintess and the place where the Tri-Clan Council and the Vine-Bear Court convenes. Previously forbidden to outsiders due to religious reasons, the Hoff Angrsaal gradually becomes a tourist site with a recently installed cable car station that allows direct access to the complex.
  • Kjerag Staatbahn: The main railroad system that connects every parts of Kjerag which provide a luxurious service to those onboard.