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The Kazimierz General Chamber of Commerce (K.G.C.C.) is a Terran organization and the antagonistic faction in the Kazimierz Major trilogy (Maria Nearl, Pinus Sylvestris, and Near Light). It is a government ministry of Kazimierz composed of mega-corporations and companies that slowly gains political influence in the Kazimierzian central government through rivalry against the de jure ruling Adeptus Sprawiedliwi Kazimierz over executive power.

The K.G.C.C. is one of the three Kazimierzian factions that the player can establish relations with through the Prestige system in NL alongside the Adeptus and the Armorless Union.


The K.G.C.C. originated from the classical alliance of the retinues whose original goal was just to oversee the knight-nobles' property. Theoretically, they were actually a civil society organization overseeing the citizens' economy that should not possess such an immense influence. The rise of the K.G.C.C. to the political circle were determined by three major factors: the absence of the Adeptus' role in economic activities, the Adeptus' outsourcing to the K.G.C.C. in public services and basic industries, and the K.G.C.C.'s active introduction of foreign investment to the country. By the time the aristocrats returned from rural areas, the K.G.C.C. already gained much of their control over nomadic cities, forcing them to negotiate the balance of power.[1][2]

Since the rise of the merchant class in the modern era, the K.G.C.C. has become the ruling "shadow government" of Kazimierz through economic influence onto the populace. By outsourcing to their member guilds and mega-corporations, almost all kinds of public services from medicals, education, transports, to agriculture are in some way controlled by the K.G.C.C.[3] For a company to survive in Kazimierz's ultra-competitive environment, the only option is to join the K.G.C.C. to obtain benefits and protection; open declaration against them will result in sabotages, false arrests, and even assassinations. The K.G.C.C. even goes as far as establishing their own "knight clubs" under their sponsorship to capitalize the social status, which is perceived as blasphemies to the glorious knightly tradition and greed to monetize their honor to the the conservative campaign knights of the Adeptus,

Despite its enormous authority, the K.G.C.C. is not truly a united body. There are extremist factions that want to annihilate the knightly tradition regardless of morals and those who only desire profit. On the other hand, there are also moderates who want to build a healthy relationship with the campaign knights and bring gradual reformation to the political body.[4]


  • Mieszko Group
  • Rose Papers Union
  • Słoma Food Corporation
  • Ellen Select Technology Corporation: A Kazimierzian company that primarily engages in technological industry, especially drones.[5] Their products include Sponsor Drones, Luxury Sponsor Drones, and Cheering Sponsor Drones.
  • Gale Industries: A Kazimierzian construction firm. It has plans for the future demolition and relocation of local rural villages such as Twierdza, as well as the construction of Dzwonek's new district. It also has a special headhunting and assistance program for Infected individuals called the "Infected Help-Up Program."[6][7]

Notable members

Czarny icon.png
Malkiewicz icon.png
McKee icon.png
Mob icon.png
  • Roman Mieszko: The founder of the Miesko Group, and the former director of the company's engineering projects. Following the Tenth Ursus-Kazimierz War in 1062, he established his business, orignally named "Mieszko Industries", in order to supervise the construction of three nomadic cities to compensate the Ursine forces, each with at least twenty-five mobile platforms.[8]
  • "Newsman" Kain: A Kazimierzian media mogul/tycoon, the chairman of the Rose Papers Union, and McKee's father. A progressive laissez-faire, Kain is currently spearheading Rose Papers Union's efforts to counteract Columbia's growing influence through the mass media (and likely information warfare as well) and sees the Kazimierzian knights as the country's "true parasites" for clinging to their old tradition and values.[9]
  • Jewell: Malkiewicz's assistant. He is also one of the K.G.C.C.'s representatives in NL's Your Desk missions, with his mannerism reminiscent to Malkiewicz during the events of MN: nervous and subservient, yet humble, as shown in his quotes below.

Jewell's quotes

Daily Task missions #1 I am Spokesman Malkiewicz's, err... Mr. Malkiewicz's assistant, Jewell. You can just call me J if you'd like...
Daily Task missions #2 Th-That's right! I had the great privilege of working under Master Malkiewicz in the past, which is why I even have this opportunity now... In order to repay Master Malkiewicz's kindness, I shall work even harder!
Daily Task missions #3 Doctor, do you have any requests? I can introduce products to you, help plan your travel routes, sort through your itinerary, or... Oh, just a cup of water? Y-Yes, right away, I'll have that for you in a moment.
Daily Task missions #4 My dream is to finally get the Outstanding Employee Award after twenty years of work. I heard that employees given that honor can get a 1% lifetime discount on all of the company's products. That's far too generous, I say.
Daily Task missions #5 There's still room for improvement in this report? No, uh, I understand... It's just that, could I have a bit more time? ...Y-Yes, I understand, I'll have it ready first thing tomorrow morning... I'm sorry, Doctor, is there anything else you need?
Daily Task missions #6 I fell asleep?! Oh, oh no... I'm so sorry, Doctor... Were there any phone calls just now? ...Good, good, sorry for inconveniencing you... I, I'll go wash my face. I'll get back to work right away...
Daily Task missions #7 After Major-related affairs have concluded, your company will be setting off for another country, right? Ah, I see. Thank you for your recent tutelage, Doctor. I will always remember the things you've taught me, and I wish you and your company the best of luck.


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