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This article is about the Terran nation-state. For the race, see Aegir (race).

An advanced civilization hidden beneath the waves, boasting scientific and technological development far exceeding that of the countries on land. Affected by the stirring of the Seaborn, the entire country has sunken into silence.
—Loading screen tip in Mizuki & Caerula Arbor

Aegir, stylized as Ægir,[note 1] is a Terran country that is located somewhere within Terra's vast, uncharted ocean from the southern part of Iberia. Aegir is also the birthplace of the eponymous race. However, Aegir is never peaceful because the ocean seems to be "alive", and could even control the entire Aegir race, even if they are far away from and/or not native to Aegir.[1][2]

Aside from their supreme technological prowess, the Aegirians have a unique culture. Aesthetics are considered very important, to the point that even technology should be built with aesthetic consideration. They are known for being adept singers and traditionally use songs as a means of communication.[3] The language they speak is studied and understood by only a few of Terra's land-dwellers, including Kal'tsit. Their society is a matriarchal one and they have strange laws which they view as "advanced," such as forced adoption by the state.[4]

Due to its pride and isolationism, there is not much known regarding this underwater nation. However, there is one thing that is certain: Aegir is facing a threat from a heretical cult called the Church of the Deep among its citizens. They believe that the Seaborns' insidious hive mind will end the neverending turmoil in Terra, and have ventured to Iberia to fulfill the Seaborn hive mind's goal of assimilating all of Terra.[5][6]


One of Aegir's many underwater metropolises

Aegir is a thriving yet isolationist civilization. The Aegirians build vast underwater cities beneath the seafloor and along the continental shelves. Although the ocean lacks Originium, their technology is much more advanced than that of the surface world of Terra, which all rely on said mineral.[7] Their administration is made up of mostly scientists and engineers—the so-called Consuls. As a matter of fact, the Aegirians view the land-dwellers as "primitives" who will never accept their superior technology and culture.[8] Despite its isolationism, however, Aegir did maintain a strong relationship with Iberia. They personally helped build Iberia's navy, lighthouses, and oceanic mobile cities using their non-Originium technology and spread their knowledge concerning the ocean.[6][8]

Beneath the surface, however, Aegir has been fighting against terrifying creatures from the abyss for generations. Known as the Seaborn and Sea Terrors, these monsters break through their undersea citadels and ravage their cities. The Seaborns' invasion also triggered a mass exodus of the Aegir race from their homeland. Most of them choosing to settle in Iberia (later refered to as "Islanders" by the locals), while others made their home elsewhere in places like Yan and Higashi.[8][9][10]

A few years ago, Aegir unleashed its entire Abyssal Hunters force to destroy the Seaborns' "god", believing to be the progenitor of all Seaborn. However, this "god" was in actuality only one among many Seaborn individuals who has sufficiently evolved to obtain immense power. The battle also caused the almost total annihilation of the Abyssal Hunters, leaving only a handful of survivors.[11]


Abyssal Hunters

Church of the Deep

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  1. Officially written as the stylized "Ægir", but the Arknights Terra Wiki will use "Aegir" due to technical concerns.