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A nomadic city led by the noble Wei Yenwu. It is known for its openness, inclusivity, and liberty.
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Lungmen is a nomadic city part of Yan, located between Kazdel and Ursus. It is governed by the Yan imperial family member Wei Yenwu and acts as a "special economic zone" with greater autonomy such as a largely independent government and economy, making it more progressive and open to foreign influences than Yan. Lungmen's prosperity and economic prowess is shown by their currency, Lungmen dollar (LMD), which is widely used in international transactions across Terra.

Lungmen's treatment towards the Infected is known to be harsh, though not to the same degree as the neighboring Ursus; prior to Reunion's invasion, the majority of the Infected Lungmenites were confined into slums where they live in lower standards than the rest of the Lungmenites. The situation has improved since, however, with the slums now developed and integrated to Lungmen's downtown.

A nomadic city under the rule of Wei Yenwu. A place of towering skyscrapers and bustling public transit, it is one of the most important economic centers of Yan.[1]


A city destroyed for an innocent girl.

Twenty years ago, in the year 1077, Lungmen suffered a devastating attack by the Ursus infiltrators led by the Duke of Kashchey as part of his wild imperialistic ambition. With all its security forces, Lungmen was able to resist forceful annexation by the Ursus Empire. However, it came with the cost of the destruction of half of Lungmen and young Talulah was kidnapped by Kaschey during the crisis. Fearing that the city would be totally wiped out, Wei was forced to give up Talulah in exchange for Kashchey's retreat.[2]

The tragedy continued to haunt Wei's mind before the Chernobog-Lungmen crisis. It also forced Wei to form the Lungmen Guard Department to prevent the city from future invasions.


Lee's Detective Agency

Lungmen Guard Department

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  • Lungmen Outskirts
  • Lungmen Downtown
  • Lungmen University of Science and Technology (LMUST): The institution Waai Fu graduated from with a degree on mechanical engineering.[3]
  • Lungmen Union University: An institute where Lin works as a Special guest lecturer of social studies.[4]