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This article is about the faction. For the event, see Pinus Sylvestris (event).

The Pinus Sylvestris Knightclub or Pinus Sylvestris for short (P.S.) is a faction in Arknights. Founded and led by Sona the "Flametail Knight," it is a knightclub participating in the Kazimierz Major known for being made up exclusively of Infected knights.


The Pinus Sylvestris Knightclub has a humble beginning with a grand mission. Named after a critically endangered species of pine tree in southern Kazimierz, Sona wishes her knightclub to be as firm and strong as the tree itself. After witnessing the bloody gladiatorial battles among Infected knights due to the newly implanted "Infected Participation System," Sona reaffirmed her decision and started rallying other Infected knights to her knightclub. PS. does not use motivative speeches or make elaborated plans to gather them; all they could do is to rescue the Infected and the poor hiding among the ghettos of Kawalerielki and offer protection unconditionally from official persecutions. Their only wish is to live a normal life like others do.[1]

No matter where there are, Pinus Sylvestris will always be the Infected's guardians in Kawalerielki.

The rise of P.S. during the 24th Major season once attracted the capitalistic General Chamber of Commerce. Wanting to use its name to earn profits like how they did to the Blood Knight, the K.G.C.C. once offered them sponsorship with other corporations, but it was immediately turned down by P.S. in the name of restoring the glory of knights.[2] The K.G.C.C. views them as a group of stubborn youngsters on the outside, but behind the scenes, they fear that P.S. will hurt their capitalist interests. In order to wipe them off, the K.G.C.C. has made the Knights' Association to consider disbanding them[3] and dispatched the Armorless Union to deal with them.

In the midst of the increasing persecution, P.S. accepted its alliance with the Adeptus Sprawiedliwi, a political opponent of the K.G.C.C. The Adeptus promised them restoring the Infected's legal status while P.S. will help them save Kazimierz's degenerating knighthood. Working together with Ioleta Russell the Grand Knight, P.S. plotted to start the second Kawalerielki Separation to help the Adeptus gain intel regarding the ghettos of Area 0. Even though the plan was once interrupted by the Union which used the total blackout to assassinate the K.G.C.C.'s directors, it was nevertheless a success.

Following the end of the Major season, Sona led her knightclub to leave Kawalerielki and joined Rhodes Island to accomplish a greater mission of ending Kazimierz's inequality, the root that has been plaguing the nation.[4] At the same time, P.S. is working with Toland Cash the bounty hunter and Carol to plan an uprising against Kazimiez's nobility.[5]


  • Jamie: A competitive knight who contacted Oripathy due to an industrial accident. The tragedy forced him to divorce his wife and leave his daughter behind. Even though he was living a harsh life, he remained optimistic all the time. During the CTF match, he was heavily beaten by other knights which angered him and forced him to retaliate by unleashing his Originium Arts. He was immediately murdered by Olmer Ingra.[6]