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The Military Commission of Kazdel, formerly known as the Kazdelian Council of War until its rebranding in 1031,[1] is one of the antagonistic factions of the second part of Arknights' Main Theme. It is the major military body of Kazdel composed of Sarkaz mercenaries and soldiers that are currently occupying the Victorian capital of Londinium to further the goal of delivering the Sarkaz's vengeance unto the entire Terra.


The Military Commission was first established in the Terran year 898, after the failed, yet devastating crusade that led to Kazdel's third disintegration. In peace time, it is just a national defense force. Under the leadership of General Theresis, it is able to protect the country from interference of foreign power on its domestic issues, hence allowing Kazdel to be rebuilt.

During the most recent civil war, the Commission sided with Theresis and opposed the previous Sarkaz King Theresa due to ideological differences. Theresis enlisted numerous mercenaries into the Commission against Theresa's loyalists in Babel, resulting in a proliferation of mercenaries throughout the war.[2] It eventually ended with the Theresis' victory in the year 1094 through a siege conducted in autumn and a "decapitation operation" that cost Theresa's life, resulting in his crowning as the country's Regent.

Following the civil war, Theresis and the Military Commission entered Londinium after being invited by the Duke of Cavendish to help pacify the empire's succession crisis. He used this opportunity to have the Kazdelian army enter Londinium, effectively placing Victoria under Kazdel occupation. Even though their soldiers were equipped with crude weapons in the beginning, they easily suppressed the Parliamentarian forces spearheaded by the Tower and Steam Knights and took 70% of control over the city's wall guards within a week, leading to the total annihilation of the two elite forces. To prevent any uprising, they took almost a month to hang rebellious nobles.[3]

Since then, the Military Commission has been utilizing Londinium's facilities to fulfil Theresis' grand mission. By occupying the capital, they effectively control its military factories that eventually help upgrade their weapons. The soldiers of the Commission have since received basic military training through the command of Lettou, the leading wall guard of Londinium and a leader of Gallic restorationists. On one hand, the Commission helps guard the construction of an airship fleet and the reconstruction of the Shard into a giant Catastrophe manipulator. On the other hand, the Commission's actions only worsen the worldwide discrimination of the Sarkaz as it makes non-Sarkaz races stereotype them further with violence.

Notable personnel

Theresis icon.png
Lettou icon.png
Manfred icon.png
Nadin icon.png
Ulšulah icon.png
Yulie icon.png
Ascalon icon.png
Hoederer icon.png
Ines icon.png
Paprika icon.png
W icon.png
  • Ascalon, Hoederer, Ines, Paprika, and W were previously members of the Military Commission or mercenaries serving the Commission who had sided with Babel/Rhodes Island.
  • Lettou was previously an officer of the Londinium wall guards until his defection to the Military Commission.



Sarkaz Swordsman sprite.png
Sarkaz Blademaster sprite.png
Sarkaz Sentinel sprite.png
Sarkaz Sentinel Leader sprite.png
"Flying Shoes" Mercenary
"Flying Shoes" Elite Mercenary
"Pothead" Shooter
"Pothead" Sharpshooter
Junk Patcher sprite.png
Junk Inventor sprite.png
Wandering Craftsman "Tinker"
Wandering Craftsman "Master Tinker"
Sarkaz Lancer sprite.png
Sarkaz Lancer Leader sprite.png
Sarkaz Grudgebearer sprite.png
Sarkaz Worldcurser sprite.png
Sarkaz Bladeweaver sprite.png
Sarkaz Bladeweaver Leader sprite.png
Bounty Hunter "Knight"
Bounty Hunter "Grand Knight"
Explosive Kitchenware Colossus sprite.png
Enhanced Explosive Kitchenware Colossus sprite.png
Wandering Mercenary "Scissorhand"
Wandering Mercenary "Weaver"
Free Mercenary "Bassist"
Free Mercenary "Lead Guitarist"


Touch of the Sanguinarch sprite.png
Touch of Benevolence sprite.png
Gift of the Sanguinarch sprite.png
Gift of Magnanimity sprite.png
Sarkaz Heirbearer Warrior sprite.png
Sarkaz Heirbearer Warrior Captain sprite.png
Sarkaz Heirbearer Artificer sprite.png
Sarkaz Heirbearer Artificer Captain sprite.png
Sarkaz Requisitioned Engineering Drone sprite.png
Sarkaz Requisitioned Cutting-Edge Drone sprite.png
Sarkaz Heirbearer Bombardier sprite.png
Sarkaz Heirbearer Annihilator sprite.png
Sarkaz Heirbearer ASV sprite.png
Sarkaz Heirbearer Retrofit ASV sprite.png
Sarkaz Heirbearer Chain Caster sprite.png
Sarkaz Heirbearer Chain Caster Captain sprite.png
Sarkaz Heirbearer Hatedrinker sprite.png
Sarkaz Heirbearer Wrathgorger sprite.png
Sarkaz Heirbearer Punisher sprite.png
Sarkaz Heirbearer Scourger sprite.png


Sarkaz Witherer sprite.png
Sarkaz Witherer Captain sprite.png
Sarkaz Wither Caster sprite.png
Sarkaz Wither Caster Captain sprite.png
Seed of Withering sprite.png
Seed of Decay sprite.png
Rot Eater sprite.png
Rotchaser sprite.png
Rampaging Rotchaser sprite.png
Sarkaz Wither Devourer sprite.png
Sarkaz Wither Maw sprite.png
Sarkaz Wither Tank sprite.png
Advanced Sarkaz Wither Tank sprite.png
Withering Collector Disciple sprite.png
Decaying Collector Disciple sprite.png


Sarkaz Absurdist Operative sprite.png
Sarkaz Absurdist Operative Leader sprite.png
Sarkaz Absurdist Splitcaster Apprentice sprite.png
Sarkaz Absurdist Splitcaster sprite.png
Sarkaz Absurdist Tyrant sprite.png
Sarkaz Absurdist Tyrant Captain sprite.png

Sarkaz Royal Court

Sarkaz Royal Court Soldier sprite.png
Sarkaz Royal Court Elite Soldier sprite.png
Sarkaz Royal Court Caster sprite.png
Sarkaz Royal Court Elite Caster sprite.png
Commander Ulšulah
Shrouded Assassin sprite.png
Duq'arael, "Regent's Crimson"


Bloodborn Spawn sprite.png
Sarkaz Boneguard Fluxcaster sprite.png
Sarkaz Boneguard Fluxcaster Captain sprite.png
Blood Amber sprite.png
Sarkaz Boneguard sprite.png
Sarkaz Boneguard Captain sprite.png
Sarkaz Boneguard Flayer sprite.png
Sarkaz Boneguard Torturer sprite.png
Sarkaz Bloodwalker sprite.png
Sarkaz Bloodnexus sprite.png

Victorian collaborators

Pathfinder Spy sprite.png
Pathfinder Spymaster sprite.png
Sentry Spy sprite.png
Sentry Spymaster sprite.png
Londinium Mobile Defense Artillery sprite.png
Londinium Precision Mobile Defense Artillery sprite.png
Steam Tank sprite.png
Scorching Steam Tank sprite.png
Armed Spy sprite.png
Armed Spymaster sprite.png
Rebellion Instigator sprite.png
Rebellion Agitator sprite.png