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René Lettou is an NPC in Arknights. He is one of the antagonists in Act II of the Main Theme.


While appearing to be a standard Victorian lieutenant colonel, Lettou is actually the son of a Gaulish noble whose family's territory was incorporated into Victoria after the Battle of the Four Emperors. He is proud of his Gallic lineage and even considers himself a Gaul, much like his father. At one time, he met an ill, sixty-year-old man in a a sanatorium in the Chep Borough of Londinium, who previously served the Gaulish Grande Armée and yearned to become a member of the Vieux Vanguards. Despite being bed-ridden, the old man could be very excited whenever anything related to Gaul appears on the television. The man's eventual passing away complete changed Lettou a lot in which he does not wish to become the last Gaulish generation on Terra.[1]

As a Gallic restorationist, Lettou vows to use any means to restore his ancestral homeland even if it means betraying the empire he serves. A sympathizer for the homeless Sarkaz who also suffered the same fate as the Gauls, he is also one of the supporters of Londinium's occupation by the Millitary Commission four years ago (the year 1094), and he has since been a right-hand man for Regent Theresis. He wants to help Theresis to reunite the Sarkaz, in exchange of retrieving all the former Gallic cities back to their homeland. On the other hand, not all Sarkaz fully trust him, especially the Sanguinarch, as Gaul also participated in the third destruction of Kazdel two hundred years ago.[1]


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