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Trials for Navigator (TN) is a seasonal game mode in Arknights.


Based on the "boss marathon"/"boss rush" concept first seen in VI-7, TN pits the player against multiple waves of enemies including a boss in a single operation; there are four operations in a TN season, distinguished by the "TN" code. All TN operations do not consume the player's Sanity.png Sanity and the player is given 5 Life Points; as with Contingency Contract and Stationary Security Service operations, any LP loss will not affect the final outcome, so the player can let up to four enemies through if victory is to be assured. However, the bosses will deduct 5 LP upon entering an Objective (except in certain cases), thus they must be defeated or it will result in an instant mission failure!

Unlike any other operations in Arknights, TN operations are made up of multiple horizontal "zones" that moves further to the right as the waves are cleared, and each zone is tailored specifically to the respective wave's boss. Each zone only limits the deployment of friendly units; enemy movement and targeting, as well as effects, are not affected by the zones.

After the wave's boss is defeated, certain areas of the current zone will be designated as a Danger Zone at which the player will be given a period of time before the zone changes; as soon as the zone changes, any friendly units will in the Danger Zone will be automatically retreated.

When the player runs the TN operation after clearing its waves, an Entitative Program may appear in the respective wave's zone, which significantly buffs friendly units when activated.

Clearing TN operations award Trial EXP.png Trial EXP to raise the player's Path of Trials level and Data Blackbox.png Data Blackbox to upgrade their Limiter Units.

Trial Modes

TN operations have four Trial Modes: Basic, Orientation, Spectacular, and Ultimate.

  • Basic Trial is the baseline mode.
  • Orientation Trial provides the player with a preset squad of Operators and several optional Operators (including the Support Unit) as well as buffs in form of a "decoder" tied to the preset squad, unlocked once the operation's Basic Trial mode is cleared.
    • The preset Operators are considered to have maxed out stats, which extends to promotion, level, Potential, skill Mastery training, and Trust.
    • The preset squad of the respective operation's Orientation Trial mode is also available in the Spectacular Trial mode. In the TN-4 operation however, the Orientation Trial preset squads of TN-1, TN-2 and TN-3 are available (but only one can be used at a time), including in the Ultimate Trial mode.
  • Spectacular Trial buffs the enemies including bosses but yields better rewards, unlocked once the operation's Orientation Trial mode is cleared.
  • Ultimate Trial is only available in the TN-4 operation and are the same as Spectacular Trial but the enemy buffs are further increased, unlocked once the operation's Spectacular Trial mode is cleared. To offset the Ultimate Trial's sheer difficulty however, it only has first clear rewards and do not have rewards for clearing each wave.

Limiter Unit

Limiter Units provide useful buffs to help the player through the TN operation and can be configured from the Closure's Gift menu.

All but one Limiter Units must be unlocked by completing certain tasks, and only one may be active at a time. They can be upgraded by spending Data Blackboxes; it costs 20 Data Blackbox.png for the Level 2 upgrade and 40 Data Blackbox.png for the Level 3 upgrade.

The available Limiter Units vary with the TN season.


As of February 22, 2024, TN consists of four seasons:

Season Release dates
CN Global TW
EN Trials for Navigator 1 banner.png 2022/8/18 2023/1/20 2023/6/27
EN Trials for Navigator 2 banner.png 2023/1/10 2023/8/31 2023/11/14
EN Trials for Navigator 3 banner.png 2023/8/18 2024/2/12 TBA
CN Trials for Navigator 4 banner.png 2024/2/22 TBA TBA