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Provisions are a feature in the Reclamation Algorithm game mode of Arknights. It is basically food that can be eaten by Operators, but there's more than just that; Provisions may provide the Operator who ate them with buffs to help them in combat.

Provisions are made in the Logistics Department section of the Headquarters by combining 1 Fresh Water.png Fresh Water along with three main ingredients and up to two additional ingredients as follows:

Main Additional
Crab Leg
Leg Meat
Marrow Fungus
Puffball Tenderloin
Devil's Licorice
Fowlbeast Egg
Mastic Gland
Wild Redhorn
Woodchip Fungus

Additional ingredients are optional but will provide additional effects for the Provision being made.

The result will be unknown until the Provision is actually made, at which the ingredient combination will be saved as a recipe.

A single Operator may have the buffs from one Provision at a time; eating a new one will cause its buff to override the old one, but Operators can eat more than one Provisions in a single campaign day. Tier 3 and 4 Provisions will also restore the stamina of the Operator who ate it.

Leftover (i.e. uneaten) Provisions can be recycled into Electrolye Isotonics.