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Contingency Contract (C.C.) is a seasonal game mode in Arknights.


Contingency Contract is accessible once 2-10 is cleared and consists of two iterations: Operation and Battleplan, which differ in mechanics regarding Contracts and further explained below.

In C.C., players can run two unique operations: one that is available every day during the current season (Permanent Site) with a fixed set of Contracts and another that is rotated daily during the current season (Rotating Site) with a different set of Contracts in each rotation. Before playing C.C. operations, the player can select the Contracts to use, which will alter the gameplay by buffing enemies, debuffing friendlies, and/or imposing various limitations; similar to the conditions of Challenge Mode, but with a combination of multiple handicaps up to the player's choice.

C.C. operations can be extremely difficult to clear even with high-level, high-rarity Operators, so to compensate this, all C.C. operations do not consume any Sanity.png Sanity, however they are not counted towards completing regular missions and do not give out Credit.png Credit if the player uses a Support Unit. Therefore, it is recommended to try C.C. operations as many times as possible until a solid strategy is found.

In addition, C.C. operations' result remains the same no matter how many Life Points the player have left (unless when using the Objective: Last Line of Defense contract which reduces Life Point to 1), thus it is sometimes better to let one or two enemies through on C.C. operations if victory is to be assured.


This image shows most of the Contracts featured in C.C.

Each Contract has a level from 1 to 3 (CC Level 1.png CC Level 2.png CC Level 3.png), which denotes its effect; the higher the level, the more difficult the Contract will be to deal with. The sum of the selected Contracts' level denotes the C.C. operation's Risk, formally known as Contingency Level[note 1] (hence, "Risk 10" means that the total level of the Contracts used in the C.C. operation is 10). The player will be warned that the operation might be too difficult for them if the selected Contracts would give the C.C. operation a Risk of 7 or higher.

Contracts with the same name and effect but multiple levels are mutually exclusive; the player can only use one of them at a time. This also applies to Contracts which buffs one particular enemy and those which restrict the use of Operators and/or classes.

There are also Support Contracts which make the operation easier by buffing friendly units, but do note that using Support Contracts will set the Risk to 0, even if combined with other contracts. Players can use Support Contracts just for fun and to take a break from C.C.'s extreme difficulty, though some C.C. missions can be completed with Support Contracts.

From C.C. Barrenland onwards, the highest Risk attained by the player in a C.C. operation also determines its rating:

CC-D rating.png
CC-C rating.png
CC-B rating.png
CC-A rating.png
CC-S rating.png
CC-SS rating.png
CC-SSS rating.png
Risk Not cleared 0 ~ 1 2 ~ 3 4 ~ 7 8 ~ 11 12 ~ 15 16+
This section pertains to a subject that is not yet released in the Global server of Arknights.

The Contracts in Battleplan follow the same mechanic as Test Criteria in Pinch-Out Experimental Operation where they are connected together in a network. The difference between C.C. Battleplan Contracts and P.O. Test Criteria, however, is the effects have been adjusted so that they will no longer buff enemies to absurd levels as in P.O.

As in P.O., the Contracts have their own values which affects the final Sanctuary Judgement score of the operation.


Clearing C.C. operations with a certain threshold of Risk, certain Contracts, or (from C.C. Barrenland) a specific amount of Contracts are required to complete Challenge Missions (Emergency (daily) and Long-Term (event) Contingency Missions in C.C. Beta) which awards Operation Agreement.png Operation Agreement that can be spent to unlock Contracts on the Permanent Site and/or Contract Bounty.png Contract Bounty that can be exchanged for various items in the Secret Sanctuary.

Clearing the Rotating Site with Risk 8 is enough to complete all Rotating Site Challenge Missions. For Permanent Site Challenge Missions, clearing the Permanent Site with Risk 18 is sufficient; if the player wanted to trim the Path to Glory medal for clearing the Permanent Site (from C.C. Pyrite), this must be done within the C.C. event's first week.

Note that the higher the Risk, the lesser Operation Agreements and/or Contract Bounties that will be awarded from Challenge Missions. As such, it is not necessary to clear C.C. operations with more than enough Risk – important for F2P players and those who have few or no Elite 2 Operators.
This section pertains to a subject that is not yet released in the Global server of Arknights.
C.C. Battleplan missions are integrated to the operation's network like that of those in P.O., which includes Crystalline Showroom (gives rewards once all Contracts linked to it are completed) and 阵眼任务.


Permanent Site

In C.C. Beta, Contracts on the Permanent Site are initially available while the rest must be unlocked by spending Operation Agreements gained from completing Contingency Missions.

From C.C. Barrenland, most Contracts on the Permanent Site are initially available while some must be unlocked by completing a certain number of Contracts and/or spending Operation Agreements.

Rotating Site

Contracts for the Rotating Site changes as the operation rotates, and from C.C. Barrenland, must be unlocked by clearing the respective operation with a certain threshold of Risk:

  • Clearing the operation for the first time unlocks all Level 1 Contracts.
  • Clearing the operation with Risk 2 unlocks all Level 2 Contracts.
  • Clearing the operation with Risk 4 unlocks all Level 3 Contracts.

Training Ground

"Practice makes perfect." Remember to run Training Grounds whenever possible to ready yourself for future C.C. seasons!

Introduced in C.C. Barrenland, Training Grounds will remain available outside of C.C. seasons where all previous C.C. operations are rotated daily, allowing the player to prepare for future C.C. seasons. All of the current C.C. season's Rotating Sites are always available in the Training Ground.

Contracts for Training Ground operations are different from their respective Fixed/Rotating Site versions and are unlocked in the same way as Rotating Sites, but applies to both the Training Ground and Rotating Site versions.


  1. The Arknights Terra Wiki will refer to Contingency Level as "Risk" for the sake of simplicity and familiarity with players.