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Not to be confused with Visibility or Camouflage.
Prevents being targeted by enemy attacks if the unit is not blocking.
—In-game tip

Invisible, or Invisibility, is a buff in Arknights.


Invisible units are indicated by having their body obscured in a dark cloud of smoke, with the exception to Magallan's Soaring Dragons who are obscured by digital disruptions instead. In this state, the unit cannot be targeted by ranged attacks and are unaffected by splash damage (e.g. Splash Caster and Artilleryman Sniper attacks, Senior Casters, and Bombtails) and offensive skills/abilities, unless if they are blocking enemies for friendly units or being blocked for enemies in which case they will become invisible again after not blocking enemies/being blocked for 3 seconds. However, the following can still damage invisible units:

Certain methods can "reveal" invisible units, negating it:

Totter notably can attack invisible enemies due to his talent Illuminating Eyes, making him the only friendly unit with this capability.



Operator Source Information
Firewatch icon.png
The invisibility is applied to self for Camouflage's duration.
Ines icon.png
Murky Night
The invisibility is applied to self for Murky Night's duration.
Magallan icon.png
Optical Refraction Accessories Applies the invisibility to the deployed Soaring Dragons for a period of time, and to self at SUM-X stage 2 or above.
  • Elite 1: 12 seconds
  • Elite 2: 20 seconds
  • SUM-X Stage 2: 23 seconds
  • SUM-X Stage 3: 26 seconds
  • Potential 5: +2 seconds



Lurker sprite.png
Invisible Crossbowman sprite.png
Invisible Crossbowman Leader sprite.png
Invisible Caster sprite.png
Invisible Caster Leader sprite.png
Hot Spring "Wandering Vagrant"
Hot Spring "Wandering Slider"
Wasteland Skulker sprite.png
Elite Wasteland Skulker sprite.png
Sentry Spy sprite.png
Sentry Spymaster sprite.png
Technical Scout sprite.png
Sarkaz Requisitioned Engineering Drone sprite.png
Sarkaz Requisitioned Cutting-Edge Drone sprite.png
Delegation Centurion sprite.png
Delegation Centurion Champion sprite.png
Dublinn Companion Shadowblade sprite.png
Dublinn Elite Companion Shadowblade sprite.png
"Redmark" Eradicator
"Redmark" Elite Eradicator
Famiglia Cleaner sprite.png
Famiglia Silent Cleaner sprite.png
Sargonian Contract Assassin sprite.png
Shanhaizhong Ringleader sprite.png
Shanhaizhong Secret-Keeper sprite.png
Crying Thief sprite.png
  • Degenbrecher is invisible on her second phase.
  • Sentry Spies/Spymasters are invisible after their identity is compromised.


Enemy Information
Diver sprite.png
Diver Leader sprite.png
Invisible while swimming through tiles submerged by the High Tide or Deep Water Zones.
Clarity sprite.png
Magnificence sprite.png
Has an ability that makes other enemies in a radius of 2 tiles around the Clarity/Magnificence invisible for 3 seconds, with an initial cooldown of 5 seconds and 15 seconds thereafter.
Nethersea Reefbreaker sprite.png
Nourished Reefbreaker sprite.png
Regressed Reefbreaker sprite.png
Invisible while over Nethersea Brands.
"Materialist Antagonizer"
Enemies in a radius of 2.5 tiles around the Antagonizer (except itself) are invisible as long as the barrier is present.
Special Forces Soldier sprite.png
Special Forces Captain sprite.png
Invisible while over Reeds.
Dublinn Flamechaser Soldier sprite.png
Dublinn Flamechaser Elite Soldier sprite.png
Dublinn Flamechaser Guard sprite.png
Dublinn Flamechaser Elite Guard sprite.png
Turns into an Ember of Resentment/Fury/Avarice/Arrogance when defeated, which is invisible.
The pilot form is invisible.
"Traffic Officer"
"Traffic Officer Captain"
Invisible for 4 seconds after spawned.


  • Friendly units deployed on a Bush or Exhaust Grille will become invisible, and only visible to enemies they are blocking.
  • Enemies on tiles without visibility will become invisible.


Enemy Interaction
Shanhaizhong Ringleader sprite.png
Shanhaizhong Secret-Keeper sprite.png
Their next attack out of invisibility will deal double damage.


  • Before the term "Invisible" was introduced, all enemies with this buff contained "Cannot be attacked unless blocked" in their tips.
  • While sharing a similar visual effect of a cloud of smoke, albeit lighter, Jessica's Skill-Jessica1.png Smokescreen does not make her invisible, only giving her Physical/Arts dodge.

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