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"Al-Rafiq"[note 1] is a boss enemy in the Reclamation Algorithm game mode of Arknights. They are one of three possible final bosses of Fire Within the Sand.

Enemy description
Elite armored corps of a Lord Ameer operating their self-assembled armor. Its self-destruct system is the only part they are unsatisfied with, and it is obvious they care more about their beloved machine than the Lord Ameer's orders.


A powered armor operated by its own creator, a Sargonian Archosauria panzergrenadier who served Ibut's Lord Ameer but cares more for his machine than his duty, Al-Rafiq boasts monumental HP alongside high ATK and DEF to make them an extremely threatening foe, although their RES is much lower. In addition, they have the following abilities to compound their strength, including the ability to potentially infinitely prolong the fight.

  • Al-Rafiq spawns as the powered armor with the following properties:
    • Counted as two enemies when blocked.
    • A special attack used every fourth attack where Al-Rafiq winds up and swings at the target with its arms, dealing Physical damage equal to 3× their ATK to the target and friendlies within 0.8 tiles.
  • When the powered armor's HP is reduced to 0, it explodes to deal Physical damage equal to their ATK towards friendly units in a radius of 1.5 tiles around it and Stunning them for 10 seconds. Afterwards, Al-Rafiq's pilot will bail out over 3.5 seconds (during which he is invulnerable) and starts repairing the powered armor over 30 seconds, during which he has the following properties:
    • Has 20% of the powered armor's HP.
    • Does not move and attack.
    • Invisible.
    • Friendly units attacking the pilot will receive Physical damage equal to 50% of their ATK.
  • Should the pilot successfully repair the powered armor, he will enter it over 1.7 seconds and Al-Rafiq reverts into the powered armor phase with fully restored HP.

Al-Rafiq will deduct no less than 30 Life Points if they manages to enter a Protection Objective, instantly compromising the operation.


Al-Rafiq will lead the Lord Ameer's Attack in place of the Dauntless Linebreaker if the player had completed the Ending 3 questline.


HPATKDEFRESMov. speedAttack itvl.E-RESERST
0.9 tiles/sec.
4 sec.
Weight 6
Life Point penalty 30


Silence Stun Sleep Freeze Levitate Tremble
Cross.png Cross.png Cross.png Cross.png Cross.png Tick.png


  1. From ar-rafīq الرَّفِيق; "The Companion" in Arabic