Hateful Avenger (boss)

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A unique Hateful Avenger, distinguished from regular ones by having their name enclosed in quotation marks, acts as the main boss of Contingency Contract Base Point, being the first (and only) boss and enemy to have ever be introduced for the namesake seasonal game mode.


Perhaps one of the Hateful Avengers defeated by Arknights players in Area 59 Ruins and Deserted Factory back during Contingency Contracts Beta and Blade, respectively, this one came back from the grave with a vengeance in C.C. Base Point — the final C.C. Operation — to test our might for one last time. The "Hateful Avenger" boasts slightly superior stats to his regular counterparts on his own and are just as susceptible to Stun and Freeze, but has additional tricks up his sleeve and the Contracts (see below) can turn him into a literal death incarnate, able to easily cut down all in his path while being very difficult to be slowed down!

  • Charge: When the "Hateful Avenger" is within a distance of 3 tiles to a melee friendly unit on his path, he will lock on to the friendly and dash towards them, tripling his speed for the next 4.5 seconds with a cooldown of 5 seconds.
    • After the "Hateful Avenger" is revived (see below), he additionally becomes immune to Stun while using Charge.
  • When the "Hateful Avenger's" HP falls below 50% (including after his revival, see below), his ATK will be increased by 180%, indicated by his sword catching fire.
  • When the "Hateful Avenger's" HP reaches 0 for the first time, he will survive and revive himself by restoring 50% of his HP over 5 seconds, during which he is invulnerable and disabled.

It is worth noting that letting the "Hateful Avenger" into a Protection Objective will result in an instant mission failure, so he must be defeated!


Contingency Contract Nameless Sanctuary


Weight 3
Life Point penalty 2


Silence Stun Sleep Freeze Levitate Frighten
Immune Vulnerable Immune Vulnerable Vulnerable Vulnerable

Contingency Contract buffs

Contract-enemy reid 1.png
Vengeance: Invincible Blade I
Increases HP and the ATK buff at <50% HP by 60% and 30%, respectively.
Contract-enemy reid 2.png
Vengeance: Invincible Blade II
  • Increases HP and the ATK buff at <50% HP by 100% and 50%, respectively.
  • Now invulnerable for 5 seconds after revival.
Contract-enemy reid 3.png
Vengeance: Invincible Blade III
  • Increases HP and the ATK buff at <50% HP by 150% and 50%, respectively.
  • Now has Status Resistance, takes 30% less Physical and Arts damage when at <50% HP, and invulnerable for 15 seconds after revival.
Contract-enemy reid 4.png
Vengeance: Flame and Steel
  • Increases HP, ASPD, and the ATK buff at <50% HP by 150%, 100, and 100%, respectively.
  • Now has Status Resistance, takes 60% less Physical and Arts damage when at <50% HP, and invulnerable for 20 seconds after revival.

Vengeance: Flame and Steel is considered an upgrade to Invincible Blade III and is notably the only Contract in C.C. that has a colored icon.