"Nature's Compromise"

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The "Nature's Compromise" is a boss enemy in the Stationary Security Service game mode of Arknights. It is the main boss of Acahuallan Jungle.

Enemy description
A newly discovered life form and the largest Originium Slug and flower symbiote on reliable record. Capable of boosting plant growth and Originium Slug reproduction by dispersing its pollen, it can even fly slowly in the air. Some scholars believe that its ability to fly is new evidence of unintelligent organisms actively manipulating complex Originium Arts, while others believe it is nothing more than a naturally occurring phenomenon under hyper-specific conditions. This question has yet to be resolved, as no biologist has been desperate enough to approach it.


A newly-discovered lifeform that can disseminate pollen to spawn more [Small Symbionts]

A novel fusion of flora and Originium Slug that can manipulate the vegetation around it, the Nature's Compromise offsets its below-average defenses by boasting titanic HP and significant ATK, as well as several abilities which are designed to overwhelm defenses with endless hordes of spawned minions.

  • The Nature's Compromise starts in a flying state with the following properties:
    • Does not attack.
    • When the Compromise passes over an unpollinated ground tile, it will pollinate the tile, causing plants to sprout from it at the cost of 2% of its maximum HP.
  • Growth Hormone: Instantly pollinates the surrounding tiles before spawning a Small Symbiont on all pollinated tiles, with a cooldown of 15 seconds.
  • Deciduous Hormone: Whenever a unit is transferred to the Deployment Waiting Zone, the Nature's Compromise launches a green projectile at the friendly unit with the highest DEF anywhere on the map, dealing Physical damage equal to its ATK and adding one Modified Phytohormone to the Waiting Zone (or the Preparation Area if the Waiting Zone is full).
  • Once the Nature's Compromise's HP falls below 50%, it will fall to the ground, instantly pollinating all tiles within a radius of 3 tiles, and enters a grounded state with the following properties:
    • Uses melee attacks dealing double damage, allowing it to inflict serious damage to most melee Operators thanks to the Nature's Compromise's already significant ATK especially at higher Danger Levels.
    • Growth Hormone no longer pollinates tiles, but has a shorter cooldown of 5 seconds after entering the grounded state and every 8 seconds after.


Stationary Security Service Man And Nature


HPATKDEFRESMov. speedAttack itvl.E-RESERST
0.4 tiles/sec.
4 sec.
Weight 4
Life Point penalty 3


Silence Stun Sleep Freeze Levitate Tremble
Cross.png Tick.png Tick.png Tick.png Cross.png Tick.png