"Greedy Catcher"

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This article pertains to a subject that is not yet released in the Global server of Arknights.
This enemy's name, description, and trait(s) are tentative translations which may not represent the official English localization and will be updated when Dossoles Commercial Plate is announced or released in the Global server of Arknights.

The "Greedy Catcher" is a boss enemy in the Stationary Security Service game mode of Arknights. It is the main boss of Dossoles Commercial Plate.

Enemy description
Box Inc.'s secret weapon and the natural predator of "willing creatures" which looks a bit like a claw machine. Now, with its control programs in disarray, it is rampaging out of control through the streets of Dossoles, using its retractable claws to snatch goodies. Keep your distance, don't be distracted by its flashing neon advertisements, and don't get yourself swallowed into its belly as those greedy folks did!


Box Inc.'s secret weapon and the natural predator of "willing creatures" which looks a bit like a claw machine. Max HP, DEF, and ATK greatly increases while loading enemies.
—Tooltip (unofficial translation)

A claw machine made by Box Inc. that went rampant after being sabotaged by a rival company, causing trouble in the Dossoles commercial plate as it tries to grab anything in sight and "swallow" them, the Greedy Catcher sports very high HP and DEF along with decently powerful ranged attacks, although its RES is much lower by comparison. However, the Catcher has several unique abilities that allow it to greatly empower itself while debilitating Operators and augmenting other enemies, although these can also be turned against it.

  • The Greedy Catcher will only target low-ground units with its attacks.
  • When the Greedy Catcher comes within 0.5 tiles of an enemy and is not disabled, it will load them inside itself as passengers, up to 5; any enemies beyond that will not be loaded, and the Catcher will neither load Machina enemies nor bosses. Each time the Greedy Catcher attacks, it will throw the earliest loaded passenger at the target, unloading them at their position.
  • For every passenger loaded into itself, the Greedy Catcher has its HP/ATK and DEF increased by 50% and 100%, respectively.
  • Right, Up, Left, Right: The Greedy Catcher stops moving for 12 seconds, during which its ASPD is increased by a sheer 300 and its attack range is extended by 3 tiles. When Right, Up, Left, Right starts, the Catcher will also target 5 enemies closest to itself and forcibly have them move towards it. Right, Up, Left, Right will be used 5 seconds after the Catcher spawns and every 18 seconds after.
  • Giveaways: Every 40 seconds, the Catcher restrains the Operator with the highest ATK on the map, disarming and Silencing the target until they leaves the map; should this happens, a Sticky Giveaways will be added to the Deployment Waiting Zone.
  • If the Greedy Catcher ever loads a "Particularly Willing Creature", it will malfunction, unloading all of its passengers and becomes Stunned for 20 seconds.


Stationary Security Service Catch'em All


HPATKDEFRESMov. speedAttack itvl.E-RESERST
0.6 tiles/sec.
5 sec.
Attack range 2.4 tiles
Weight 6
Life Point penalty 3


Silence Stun Sleep Freeze Levitate Tremble
Tick.png Tick.png Tick.png Tick.png Tick.png Tick.png