Izumik, Source of Ecology

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Mizuki, having become one with the Caerula Arbor to resurrect Him as Izumik, Source of Ecology, acts as one of the possible final bosses of Mizuki & Caerula Arbor since its Expansion II.

Enemy description
A perfect organism, approaching an evolutionary singularity. The pioneer and guide of we many. The last first-born. Seaborn.


Guide and pioneer of we many. Absorbing Offspring increases its HP and ATK. After losing a certain percentage of HP, inflicts Stun and deals Arts damage to allies.

Izumik boasts humongous HP and DEF along with significant ATK and RES, allowing Him to shrug off all but the strongest of Physical and Arts attacks while causing destructive ranged damage in return. However, Izumik spends most of His time in a relatively passive state summoning minions, only retaliating or taking direct action once certain conditions have been fulfilled.

  • Izumik initially starts in the Learning form with only 40% HP and the following properties:
    • Invulnerable, unblockable, and does not attack.
    • Izumik's Offsprings that are excluded from the enemy counter will spawn in ever-increasing numbers as long as Izumik stays in the Learning form, like the Big Sad Lock. For the intervals, see the enemy notes of Glory of Humanity.
    • 3 seconds after spawning and every 120 seconds after, several Offsprings will be spawned at preset points around the map.
    • If an Offspring comes within 0.5 tiles of Izumik, He will absorb them; every time Izumik successfully absorbs 5 Offsprings, He will recover 15% of His maximum HP, have His ATK increased by 40% (stacking up to 4 times), and release a shockwave dealing Arts damage equal to His ATK to all friendly units on the map.
  • Either when Izumik's HP is full or after He manually summons Offsprings 4 times, He will enter the Interpretation form, becoming invulnerable and disabled for 15 seconds before gaining the following properties:
    • Izumik's attacks deal an additional instance of Arts damage equal to His ATK.
    • Every 30 seconds or immediately after losing 25% of His maximum HP, Izumik unleashes a wave that Stuns all friendly units for 8 seconds and causes them to take Arts damage equal to 12% of His ATK every second over the duration, which does not stack but will have its duration refreshed if an affected unit is hit by a second wave.

Izumik will deduct no less than 30 Life Points if He manages to enter a Protection Objective, which will cause the player to instantly fail the run unless they have at least 31 Life Points.png when this happens!


Integrated Strategies Glory of Humanity


Attack range 1.5 tiles
Weight 6
Life Point penalty 30


Silence Stun Sleep Freeze Levitate Frighten
Immune Immune Immune Immune Immune Vulnerable