ISW-DF: Glory of Humanity

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Glory of Humanity
Mizuki & Caerula Arbor
6F – Deep Sea Woodland
Glory of Humanity map.png
The moment Izumik recalls his offspring and performs the genetic modification of the swarm's astralization, Mizuki will demonstrate the potential and spirituality of humanity for himself and the entire Seaborn swarm.
Note: This operation is added in Caerula Arbor's Expansion II and acts as the Dreadful Foe of the 6th floor when the player enters it while having Determination collectible.png "Determination", Vigil collectible.png "Vigil", or Hesitation.png "Hesitation".


Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
6 10 Varies 41


Normal Arts Guard Leader, Bone Sea Drifter, Infused Glacial Originium Slug α, Tidal Leader, Elite Brawler, Roar Knightclub Trainee, Izumik's Offspring ×36
Elite Demolitionist, Dublinn Heavy Defender, Rockbreaker Leader, Sarkaz Greatswordsman, Sarkaz Caster, Guerrilla Mortar, Sarkaz Guerrilla Caster Leader, Skimming Sea Drifter ×4, Imperial Striker
Boss Izumik, Source of Ecology
  • Enemies other than Izumik's Offsprings, Izumik Himself, and Skimming Sea Drifters are transformed from the Offsprings and excluded from the enemy counter.
    • Arts Guard Leaders have 13000 HP and 1000 ATK.
    • Demolitionists have 24000 HP, 2000 ATK, and 1500 DEF.
    • Dublinn Heavy Defenders have 12000 HP, 1100 ATK, and 1500 DEF.
    • Elite Brawlers have 8400 HP and 800 ATK.
    • Guerrilla Mortars have 11000 HP and 900 ATK/DEF.
    • Imperial Strikers have 24000 HP and 1100 ATK.
    • Infused Glacial Originium Slugs α have 9000 HP and 500 ATK.
    • Roar Knightclub Trainees have 5600 HP and 600 ATK.
    • Rockbreaker Leaders have 26000 HP and 1500 ATK.
    • Sarkaz Casters have 700 ATK.
    • Sarkaz Greatswordsmen have 15000 HP and 1200 ATK.
    • Sarkaz Guerrilla Caster Leaders have 15000 HP and 800 ATK.
    • Tidal Leaders have 13000 HP and 500 ATK.
  • Additional Izumik's Offsprings that are excluded from the enemy counter are spawned in the following manner as long as Izumik remains on His Learning phase:
    • After 20, 40, and 60 seconds have passed: Some Offsprings
    • After 86, 102, 118, and 134 seconds have passed: More Offsprings
    • After 169, 192, 215, and 238 seconds have passed: Even more Offsprings
    • After 278 seconds and every 18 second afterward: Many Offsprings