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"Hesitation" is a Collectible in Mizuki & Caerula Arbor, added in its Expansion II.

Item description
All Operators gain Block -1 (will not go below 1); leads the exploration towards a different conclusion

The manifestation of Mizuki's self-doubt, as his Seaborn instincts overcome his humanity. It will continue to have a negative impact, as long as his self-identity remains unclear.


Reduces the block count of Operators by 1, unless if they have a block count of 1.

The age of Man is over. The age of the Seaborn begins.
—Message after the player obtains "Hesitation"

When the player have "Hesitation", clearing 5F will cause the player to enter 6F instead of completing the run with Glory of Humanity as the Dreadful Foe, which will complete the run with the Stella Caerula ending when cleared.


"Hesitation" is obtained from Encounter: Sublimation with the option that awards it only available when the player has less than 50 Light.

Since the aforementioned Encounter will only appear when the player has the Caerula Memory.png Caerula Memory which is obtained from an option in Encounter: The Beginning that only appears after the player had completed a run from Caerula Arbor's Expansion II with the Encounter itself only appears in the following runs after completing a run with the Age of the Silence ending, it is impossible to obtain "Hesitation" before then.

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