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Combining different collectibles can lead to unexpected results.
—Loading screen tip in Integrated Strategies

Collectibles, colloquially known as Artifacts or Relics, are a feature in the Integrated Strategies game mode of Arknights. As the name suggests, Collectibles are items which can be obtained during I.S. runs and helps the player by providing various bonuses although some have drawbacks and few even apply handicaps that make things harder.

The Collectibles' effects stack with other Collectibles and skills/talents that provide similar effects. Whether Collectibles that increase SP recovery rate stacks with talents that do so as well or it follows the precedence rules that the latter does is yet to be confirmed or tested.

Collectibles have three rarities:

  • Normal Collectibles are the most common.
  • Rare Collectibles are rarer than Normal ones.
  • Super Rare Collectibles are the rarest.

Collectibles are obtained by clearing certain (Emergency) Operations or Dreadful Foes, from most Encounters and Downtime Recreations, and purchased at the Rogue Trader for Originium Ingot.png Originium Ingot. However, not all Collectibles are available from the start; some requires the player to fulfill certain conditions in a run before they can be obtained from the next run onwards.