Regional Commissions

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Introduced in Mizuki & Caerula Arbor, Regional Commissions are tasks which can be accepted and completed in the middle of a run from the namesake unique Encounter node to earn various rewards which could help them in the run.

Upon entering a Regional Commissions, the player will be presented with three Commission options, one from each difficulty: Simple, Mid-tier, and Tricky, and accepts one of them. Once accepted, the Commission's progress can be tracked from the navigation menu.

Once a Commission is completed, the player can claim its reward by selecting its progress check button, where the player is given three choices of rewards to be claimed; normally the player can only claim one reward for each Commission, but using Mind Over Matter Squad with the "Sensibility" Cognitive Shaping node is unlocked allows the player to claim a second reward.

The more difficult the Commission, the more valuable its rewards.


Commission Rewards
  • Fundraising efforts: Spend 10 [[File:Originium Ingot
  • Target suppression: Enter an (Emergency) Operation or Dreadful Foe.
  • Pathfinders needed: Enter 2 Encounters.
  • Talent search: Recruit 2 Operators.
  • Confirm address: Enter a Safe House.
  • Offer a prayer: Roll the die once.


Commission Rewards
  • Enlisting blockers: Clear 2 operations with no Defenders and Guards in the squad.
  • Enlisting strikers: Clear 2 operations with no Casters and Snipers in the squad.
  • Enlisting support squad: Clear 2 operations with no Medics and Supporters in the squad.
  • Enlisting infiltrators: Clear 2 operations with no Vanguards and Specialists in the squad.
  • Eliminate threats: Defeat 50 enemies.
  • Impart experience: Promote 3 Operators (those promoted through Emergency Dispatch are counted).
  • Search for an eikon: Roll a 6 or higher when rolling a die.
  • Hunt Sea Terrors: Defeat 20 Sea Monster enemies.


Commission Rewards
  • Cross the canyon: Clear 4 operations; the Unit Limit is reduced by 2 until then.
  • Endure a harrowing battle: Clear 4 operations; enemies receive a 30% buff to their HP and ATK until then.
  • Rekindle the lighthouse: Increase the Light by 15.
  • Adjust the lock cylinder: Use 3 [[File:Key
  • Search for a miracle: Spend 6 die rolls.