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Not to be confused with Terrain.

Arknights takes place in a post-apocalyptic science fantasy world known as Terra.

Terra is similar, if not identical, to Earth, including having an oxygen atmosphere, more-or-less identical gravity and atmospheric pressure, carbon-based lifeforms, and an identical climate. Even the Homo sapiens of Earth will have no issue living on Terra if they are somehow brought into it, as attested in Operation Originium Dust. Terra's environment, however, is notably more arid and inhospitable than Earths.

A full view of Terra and its orbit

Terra is located in the Zobeide Nebula on a planetary system centered on a main sequence star similar to the Sun and has two natural satellites (i.e. moons) known as the Twin Moons in various folklore.[1]

Terra is strongly hinted at to be a former space colony that was terraformed by an advanced space-faring civilization, but was later abandoned for more than 13,000 years due to unknown disasters that wiped out said civilization. As a matter of fact, Terra possesses many remnants of architectures built by the previous civilization. For example, one of the Twin Moons is said to be an artificial satellite.[2][3][4] Another remnant of the previous civilization is the Starpod.

Within Terra, there are also hidden threats that could easily wipe out its civilizations. To start with, the planet is filled with Catastrophes that force many Terrans to adopt a nomadic way of life through nomadic cities. A crystalline substance known as Originium is left behind at the site of Catastrophes and is widely used as a source of energy and the catalyst for Originium Arts, but is capable of causing Oripathy through direct or prolonged exposure. Together with other threats such as the Seaborn and the Collapsals, Terra is indeed a rather bleak and grim world which sets much of Arknights' tone.


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