Rhodes Island (landship)

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Rhodes Island is a large landship capable of holding a large amount of crew within her hull. In addition to helipads and farms, she also has a training ground which includes at least one shooting range for the R.I. paramilitary force, and several incineration (or more likely, cremation) chambers to safely dispose of terminally ill Infected R.I. personnel.[1]

Rhodes Island is so ancient that she even predates the organization itself and was discovered by the Rim Billiton Mining Company, with the help of Kal'tsit who gave them the coordinates. Rhodes island was given to Babel who had commissioned Rim Billiton to dig up Rhodes Island also let them find a ruin that matched what Kal'tsit had told them.[2] She was initially an unknown landship, which it still is being mostly a mystery and, with some modification from RIIC, it has the capability to mine.

During the most recent Kazdelian civil war, which took place in the year 1094, a group of Sarkaz mercenaries consisting of Hoederer, Ines, and W were contracted by Babel to escort Rhodes Island through hostile territory.[3] During the mission, Ines discovered a massive skeleton inside her and W learned the origin of her name from Theresa, which was taken from a document she found deep within.[2]