Sighs of Kings

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The "Sighs of Kings" (Old English: Kyngasycath) is the royal regalia or Realmblade of Victoria, which plays an important role in the Act II: Shatter of a Vision story arc of Arknights' Main Theme from Episode 11.


The Sighs of Kings resting in the Mausoleum of Kings deep beneath Londinium

The "Sighs of Kings" is said to possess magical traits. According to legends, it was crafted back in Sargon by "fairies" of the grassland and owned by Lugalszargus, the greatest Aslan Padishah in history. During the grand conquest of the southern Foehn Hotland together with the Khagan of Nightzmora, the sword was even used to slay the "Poltergeist King", the king/host of the Collapsals threatening the south. In various records, the now-crowned Victorian Aslan kings enhanced its power to literally "slice" the Catastrophes, hence protecting Londinium from deadly disasters for many centuries even after its conversion to a nomadic capital.[1]

The "Sighs of Kings" is stored inside the Mausoleum of Kings where generations of Victorian kings rest. It was later retrieved by Alexandrina of Victoria, the only surviving heiress of the Aslan dynasty, during the Victorian Crisis who intends to use it against the artificial Catastrophe created by the Shard. However, the Realmblade requires what is called the "Stone of the Sword" to be functional, which is currently in the Duke of Caster's possession.[2]


  • The "Sighs of Kings" is obviously based on the Excalibur in the Arthurian legend through its magical traits and its owner (Siege) akin to King Arthur himself.
  • The Stone of the Sword is probably a reference to the scabbard of the Excalibur.