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The Duke of Caster[note 1] is an NPC in Arknights. She is mentioned in Episode 11 before appearing in What the Firelight Casts and becoming a major supporting character in Act II of the Main Theme.


One of the Victorian Grand Dukes, the Duke of Caster is keeping an eye on Rhodes Island and Glasgow during the Victorian Crisis through her special agents, the Trilby Ashers, despite ordering Allerdale to recover the "Sighs of Kings" which puts her at odds with Alexandrina of Victoria, Glasgow's leader and the heir to the Aslan dynasty. Her motivations and stance in the conflict is unknown, but it is certain that the Duke of Caster tries to get an upper hand against the other Grand Dukes, especially the Duke of Wellington, for her own ends. She is also known to have gotten hold of the "Stone of the Sword", which is required for the "Sighs of Kings" to be functional.[4] Aside from Siege, one of the other relatives she has is Viscount Harold Craigavon.

At some point after the Crisis, the Duke of Caster is interested on R.I. and sent one of her agents, Fischer, under the guise of Oripathy treatment to observe them.[5] The Duke also holds an interest in the Kjerag region and has been lending her hand in modernizing the region by allowing them to adopt the Victorian train system. By the end of the event however, all Victorian military personnels and bases are gone from the Kjerag region owing to the fact that Kjerag managed to gain more international interest outside of Victoria.


Episode 11

What the Firelight Casts

Episode 12

Episode 13

Episode 14

The Rides to Lake Silberneherze

While she does not make any direct appearance in the event, she sent Viscount Harold Craigavon and one of her Trilby Asher in which said Trilby Asher is Lord Bellingham to find out what Karlan Trade has been plotting in secret. It's known that after Degenbrecher pursued Lord Bellingham around the Kjerag territory, she was forced to pull her forces out after finding out Kjerag is building relations with Kazimierz and Columbia by inviting some campaign knights from KGCC and Head of Rhine Lab Ecological sector Muelsyse who invited the Doctor from Rhodes Island to tag along with her. However she didn't stop helping Kjerag to develop further after realizing their potential due to this event.[6]


  1. Technically "Duchess", but referred to as such on in-game texts.