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The Felines are an Ancient race in the world of Arknights.


Felines have the traits of feliforms, which includes domestic cats (Felis sp.), non-domestic cats including big cats (Panthera sp.) except lions (who are classified as Aslan instead) and mongooses. Their feliform traits are visible from the shape of their ears and tail, and their reputation as stealthy prowlers.[1]

Most Felines (with exceptions) are from Victoria.


  • Aak, the Great Elder, Mountain, Huai Tianpei, and Waai Fu are the only bestial Felines.
  • Luo Xiaohei is not truly a Feline, but a Spirit.
  • Nowell is an Ageless Feline.


Their name derives from the Latin word for "cat," felis.[2] In English, feline is used to both refer to cats and anything relating to cats.

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