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Lillia is an NPC in Arknights. She is one of the major characters of A Walk in the Dust.


Lillia and her husband Astrov were scientists who took part in the Sarchophagus research in Chernobog in Terran Year 1077. During the massacre by Ursus' Fourth Army, her husband was killed and Lillia managed to escape. Since then, she had concealed her identity with her friends' help. She also secretly searched for the remaining survivors for three years in order to persuade them in taking part of the assassination of Grand Duke Vanya.

Lillia has a daughther named Louisa. Upon the death of her husband, she lamented that her girl could never see her father's face again.


A Walk in the Dust

Lillia was surprised to see her former director Kal'tsit being alive in a village outside Chernobog. After rescuing an injured old man, the two began to discuss the plan for the assassination. Although Kal'tsit warned that the assassination might be meaningless and that Vanya might actually not be the real master mind, Lillia insisted that she had to take vengence for her dead colleagues, her husband and her daughter.[1]

Regardless, the two eventually worked together infiltrate Pine Valley Retreat. Kal'tsit worked as a maid while Lillia disguised herself as Dr. Louisa, a pseudonym based on her daughter's name.[2] The two tried to find the best day to carry out the plan. However, one day, the sudden arrival of Viscount Witte shocked the two. Because Witte did not bring his bodyguards along, the security force in the sanatorium had to readjust and it provided a miraculous chance to finish the plan quickly. Before that, Lillia told Kal'tsit to take good care of her daughter.[3]

When they arrived at the Grand Duke's room, a guard told them that only one person was allowed to enter it and he only allowed Kal'tsit to go in. Meanwhile, Lillia was ordered to quickly help Witte's injured friend. After Witte's departure, Lillia told her to leave the place immediately before others could notice them.[3]

After the assassination, Lillia followed her original plan to flee to Sami together with the others. Although what happened to her remained unknown, it is implied that an Emperor's Blade might have pursued them secretly and killed them all, including Lillia.[4]


Though not mentioned by name, Folinic recalled her memory about her mother during the insurgency in Wolumonde. Before her mother's departure, she cried that she did not want to stay in Ursus. Since the two's separation, there was an emptiness inside Folinic's heart, a desire for the love of parents, before her encounter with Kal'tsit.[5]