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The Damazti (both singular and plural) are a tribe of Sarkaz.


The Damazti have the traits of Slimes in various fantasy works including the Shoggoth in Cthulhu Mythos or Blobs, where they possesses a malleable liquid body and can assume the appearance of others with uncanny similarities and divide themselves into multiple semi-autonomous clones.

The Damazti see themselves as a dividual instead of an individual, referring to themselves with first-person plural pronouns. In fact, all the Damazti are actually clones of the one and only Damazti, the Damazti Cluster, the host of all the clones and the oldest of all the Sarkaz. As a matter of fact, their clones can be found everywhere across Terra who disguise themselves as individuals whom they are imitating.


Damazti Cluster icon.png


Damazti likely derives from dᵊmûṯ (דְּמוּת; pronounced "dem-ooth"), which means "likeness" in Hebrew.[1][2] This is fitting to their shapeshifting capabilities.

Before Episode 10 was released in the Global server, the Damazti were known by the Global community as either Doppelgänger or Ördög.


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