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The Perros are an Ancient race in the world of Arknights.


Perros have the traits of dogs (Canis familiaris), which can be easily noticed by the shape of their ears and tails, and sometimes their hair.

Most Perros are known to be from Bolívar.


  • Cerberus
  • Uridimmu[note 1]: Currently briefly mentioned. An Elder subrace that is named after Uridimmu, the human-headed dog in Mesopotamian legend.[1]
  • Q'ursha[note 2]: Currently briefly mentioned. An Elder subrace that is named after Q'ursha, a legendary winged dog in Georgian mythology.[1]


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Hung, along with Teary Detective, Crying Thief, and "None of My Business", are the only known bestial Perro.


Their name is the Spanish word for "dog." It is worth noting that in Spanish, the word is sometimes used as a pejorative term.[2]

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  1. Tentative translation; Hanzi: 乌瑞狄姆
  2. Tentative translation; Hanzi: 奎尔莎


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