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This article is about the Kuranta sub-race. For the historical Terran nation, see Nightzmora (country).

The Nightzmora is an Elder subrace of the Kuranta.


Tola, one of the few remaining Nightzmoras

The Nightzmoras have the traits of mares, specifically the modern interpretation from The Nightmare, and Nightmares in Dungeons and Dragons where they are depicted as black/red horses associated with illusions and nightmares. True to this fact, the Nightzmoras are proficient in psychic and illusory Arts.

The Nightzmoras are associated with the legendary Kharanduu Khagan and their nomadic empire they founded during their worldwide conquest, but today they are considered to be very rare with only some populations settled in Sargon.[1]


Tola icon.png
Vogelweide icon.png
Vogelweide is partially a Nightzmora.
  • Khagan
  • Padishah of Reefsteep: Mentioned by Old Isin, whose delirious attitude was caused by Nightzmora-created illusions according to Kal'tsit.[2]


Nightzmora is possibly a portmanteau of night and zmora, which is the Polish equivalent of the mare.[3]