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The Lupus (singular: Lupo) are an Ancient race in the world of Arknights.


Lupus have the traits of wolves (Canis lupus), which can be easily seen from the shape of their ears and tail, and sometimes their hair. In fact, they are often nicknamed as "wolves."

Most Lupus are known to be born in Siracusa. Those who are called the "true wolves" are the "Wolf Fangs", representatives of the Siracusan "Signore dei Lupi", who carry out the will of those wolf Beast Lords as part of their ancient proxy war.[1] A "lone wolf" is a Siracusan derogatory term for a Lupine outcast from one's famiglia.[2]


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Gambino is the only known bestial Lupo.


Their name derives from the Italian word for "wolf,"[3] with its root word originating from the synonymous Latin word, lupus.[4]

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