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Bernardo Bellone is an NPC in Arknights. He is a major supporting character in Il Siracusano.


Bernardo is the don of the Bellones, one of the three leading mafias of Siracusa. While he can be a manipulative leader when it comes to the famiglia's issue, he is actually a generous man. Notably, he secretly protected Cellinia, the sole survivor of the Texans following the purge, out of his friendship for old Salvadore. He is also the protector of Lavinia the judge after her father's assassination. On the outside, he publicly acts as the leader of the Compagnia dell'alba (Italian for "Daybreak Troupe") who hires Sora to be his member.

Long ago, while the twenty-year-old Bernardo was still a subordinate of the Bellones, he failed in an assassination plot against another famiglia member and fled to a remote village. He hid in the said village and disguised himself as a shoe maker for around half a month while secretly observing his enemies. In the end, he did not encounter his target again, but his experience in the village made him realize that Siracusa should abandon its mafia tradition as the common folks could still run the country well even without them.[1]

Since then, Bernardo vows to unify all the mafias, gain approval from Signora Sicilia, and eventually end the mafia tradition of the country. He allows Lavinia to carry on her idealism freely as he sees her as a new generation of justice. He has planned to let his son Leontuzzo take over his position and participate in government ministry. As he built his family into one of the strongest with the support of the Grey Hall, he even made a pact with Zaaro the wolf Beast Lord to turn himself into his favorite "Wolf Fang," thus eliminating any potential rival.

Side Stories

Il Siracusano

Lavinia shocked to see Bernardo making up his mind
Bernardo having a heart-to-heart with Leontuzzo...
...before defying his true master, Zaaro, in his last moments