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This article is about the NPC referred to as "Confessarius". For the Sarkaz organization, see Confessarii.

Qui'sartuštaj is an NPC in Arknights. He first appears in Darknights Memoir and makes a brief appearance in Episode 07 before becoming one of the antagonists of the Shatter of a Vision story arc of the Main Theme as the Confessarius.



Darknights Memoir

Qui'sartuštaj receives reports from Hoederer, who chose to serve Theresis, of his service to Reunion from a palace in Victoria. He notes that while the report is not worth commending, the information in it is valuable, and he remarks on Hoederer's deeds. He also confirms that a certain individual had returned to Rhodes Island, much to Hoederer's surprise, and he tells him that he will be rewarded when everything is over.

When Hoederer asks Qui'sartuštaj about the other warriors, he answers that Theresis did not bother to step in and instead preferred to watch Reunion's activities. He also notes that W is a "loose end" and Reunion's crusade, while remaining a "source of chaos," might be useful to rally the Sarkaz. Qui'sartuštaj is offended when Hoederer questions why they're still going to use Reunion, and his anger causes the latter to withdraw his question. Qui'sartuštaj then informs him his presence is no longer necessary in Kazdel, granting him permission to stay in Victoria for the time being.[1]

Episode 07

At the climax of the Chernobog Crisis, Qui'sartuštaj notes that Talulah, the leader of Reunion, had no outstanding background yet managed to rally Infected in order to take an entire Ursus city. He also notes that their opponents will use extreme measures to end the chaos she and Reunion had created. He remarks that Talulah is not just a "one-eyed leader among the blind" or "pampered princeling," but also "a conspirator." Qui'sartuštaj then informs Theresis that Theresa's successor is now part of Rhodes Island and that the "true King of Sarkaz" is ready.[2]

Episode 09

Theresis confers with Qui'sartuštaj about the arrival of the lords of the Vampire and Nachzehrer Sarkaz clans in Londinium. The latter expresses relief that the never-ending wars were about to end. Qui'sartuštaj also mentions Dublinn and its recent actions in the southern part of Victoria. He mocks Dublinn for not being a good ally to Theresis and advises him to be wary of the group. He also remarks that though the leader of Dublinn appears to be a shady person, the group has the ability to tear Victoria apart, and thus thwart their grand ambitions.[3]

Episode 10

Episode 11

An awkward reunion between Qui'sartuštaj and Qui'saršinnag