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(For Ada Church, see Closure)

Ada is an NPC in Arknights. She's a character featured in Angelina: Sketches of This Messenger's Journey's Chapter 13: Kjerag's Traveler.


Ada is an infected Liberi that worked at a Rhodes Island branch office before her employment term ended. As a result, she decided to take time off and go vacationing. Large originium crystals can be seen from the back of her hand to her forearm.[1]


Angelina: Sketches of This Messenger's Journey

On June 1099, the chapter begins with Ada packing her things and leaving her work ID (while her co-workers watch with worry) at a Rhodes Island branch office prior to leaving with Angelina to Kjerag. While taking selfies at a train station, they meet Franka and Liskarm who just finished their mission nearby and decided to have some fun around the area. While on the train, the latter two were discussing on where to go mountain climbing before Ada asks about a mountain she spotted—to which a passenger sitting beside them said that the mountain is named Mount Filnona. The name comes from a foreign mountain climber some twenty-five years ago who aimed to climb the mountain against the locals' warning and the ongoing snowstorm back then. She never returned, and to honor her memory, they named the mountain after her.

Upon departing the train, they were greeted by Cliffheart and enjoyed the surrounding area's shops, which included a shaved iced store and a souvenir store that they found a small Pramanix toy that they took a selfie of and sent to Pramanix herself. The group then waved farewell to Cliffheart before heading to a hot springs and then to bed. On the next day, they headed off to climb Mount Filnona, which has been retrofitted with stairs for tourists before Ada bid farewell to the three as she took a train off.

Three months later back at the Rhodes Island branch office, Ada's former coworker can be seen tending to her cactus plant (affectionately named Velvet) that Ada gave to her at the beginning of the chapter. A framed photo of the two girls can be seen on the desk. The chapter then jumps to Angelina opening a manila envelope containing photos that Ada took on her travels, which includes a knight competition in Kazimierz, a concert on the plains in Leithanien, a photo of her with Yota, Yogi, and Indie Slidebearing in Sargon, and lastly, a photo of Mount Filnona. After looking at the photo, she decides to hang up the photo of the mountain on her wall before packing her things and heading off.[2]