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Closure is an NPC in Arknights who runs the in-game Store. She also acts as a supporting character in the Main Theme and various events.


Closure Introduction.png

Born Ada Church, Closure is one of the founding members of Rhodes Island and one of the known remaining members of its precursor organization Babel alongside Kal'tsit and the Doctor. She acts as R.I.'s ship reliability engineer, and supervises the Rhodes Island Engineering Department. With her skills as a mechanic, she is the one who heavily modified and programmed the operators Castle-3, Lancet-2, and THRM-EX using Raythean platforms. Her flying companion cube robot is called Lambda.

Even though Closure was born into a Vampire family, she has no interest in Originium Arts, instead taking an interest to technology, making her somewhat of an oddity among her people. However, this also allowed her to become the best hacker in Kazdel, earning her the title "the Destroyer of the Kazdel Information World." Closure had shut herself inside a garage for years until Theresa's sudden visit and her invitation to become Babel's chief engineer.[1]

Closure has a mischievous personality and enjoys making jokes and pulling pranks. She appears to be rather lazy and prefers to delegate tasks to others instead of handling them herself. However, without her, R.I. would be incapable of functioning.


Darknights Memoir

During her time in Babel, Closure was trying to fix a broken door on the landship that would later become R.I.'s base. She had tried all sorts of methods to repair the door, but to no avail. The issue forced her to use extreme measures by reinstalling the control software if she could not fix the door within three days.[2]

Operational Intelligence

Closure asked Kal'tsit to meet her into her office, which at first, appeared to be motivated by a simple friendly chat. Closure bantered about pranking the Doctor while Kal'tsit chastised her for her various pranks. As Kal'tsit turned to leave, unmoved by Closure's antics, Closure claimed to need her help to fix a power outage.

As they worked together to fix the power outage, Kal'tsit and Closure discussed about the Doctor's rescue operation. Kal'tsit pointed out that it was a very risky decision, but Amiya would not budge on the issue. Closure countered, claiming that the operation only happened because Kal'tsit abstained to vote. When discussing about their past back in Babel, it was revealed that Closure had played numerous pranks on the Doctor prior to their amnesia. By Closure's own admission, she and the Doctor had "never been close" back in the day. Kal'tsit commented that this is Closure's chance to start anew in the Doctor's eyes. Kal'tsit showed appreciation for Closure and her capabilities, stating that without her, Rhodes Island would not even get off the ground.

After they finished the repairs, Kal'tsit questioned why Closure was grilling her. Closure revealed her true intentions: getting Kal'tsit to open up and stop bottling her feelings. Kal'tsit dismissed this as a waste of time, but visibly warmed up to the notion[3]

Heart of Surging Flame

Closure was revealed to be a friend of the Terran EDM artist Destructive Dragon Demon, or Grace by her real name. She messaged D.D.D. at some point during Obsidian Festival 1097 to congratulate her on her success while looking forward to doing great things together with Dijkstra. Towards the end of the talk, she told D.D.D. to take good care of herself.[4]

Under the username LeaderOne, Closure made three posts related to the musical acts participating in OF 1097 on the Obsgram live feed:

  • The first is related to Alive Until Sunset, where Closure said that she had no information about AUS's guitarist Frost prior to her joining the band. Vigna commented that the other three were also the same. In return, Closure recalled that she had met someone resembling Frost long ago in a C4ORD guitar store. Back then, the person was wearing a paper mask and she then approached someone resembling Aya, AUS's vocalist.[5]
  • The second is related to D.D.D., where Closure replied to a post made by Provence who had difficulties in distinguishing the different variations of electronic music genres. She mentioned that newcomers will surely be confused and she gladly explained to her the differences between them such as house and trance in a comical way. Closure also made a reply to a post by Cardigan who asked what genre "daboom, swish" is. Closure replied that it would be the sound of Skadi bashing someone's head.[6]
  • The third is related to Emperor, where Closure stated that the penguin rapper is both controversial and popular. She also noted that most rappers in Terra would have to sell their own beats to be famous and talented individuals usually became famous in other fields.[7]

Shirayuki: The Way of Shinobi

While sneaking through R.I.'s ventilation system, Shirayuki observed Closure who was watching a TV drama in a server room and complained that the drama's plot had been dragged on without any clear resolution even until the most recent, seventh season. Closure actually had noticed Shirayuki's presence, and only called out to her after the Anaty kunoichi accidentally blurted out loud that the drama had been worsened since the fourth season. The two then had a discussion about Shirayuki's assignment to R.I. with Closure reminding her not to sneak through the vents again for safety reasons. After that, the two went on to watch the dramas Shirayuki recommended together.[8]


Closure had a chat with PRTS while having a maintenance on it. During the conversation, she was amazed that the possibility for their success to rescue the Doctor back in Chernobog was very small and that they did not have a chance to do a rehearsal for the mission. She also calculated the inevitable fate of R.I. if the mission failed.[1]

Episode 09

Closure received an e-mail from Dijkstra, one of her close friends in Columbia. In the mail, he mentioned he lived a miserable life ever since he contracted Oripathy until he met the resurgent Reunion under Nine that vowed to give the Infected a new life. To her horror, Dijkstra used the virus inside the mail to paralyze Rhodes Island's security system, providing the opportunity for Talulah's jailbreak. The incident caused Closure to become very angry at him for his betrayal of their friendship, and now, she's determined to track him down.[9]

Episode 10

Episode 11

Ancient Forge

Closure reminded Nian that it is illegal for standard R.I. operatives to view classified records, seeing her action of copying the records (for use in her movie concept) as a bit overboard. Reading the script, Closure dismissed it as a B-movie stuff and claimed that Nian's kind is so elusive, as she heard from Kal'tsit who had encountered one. Closure then had a talk with Nian about her so-called "Ancient Forge" movie production and her partner Lava, and about Nian's siblings.[10]

Mayer: One Packed Daily Schedule

Closure visited Mayer's quarter to request her help on modifiying some of THRM-EX's functions. Mayer did not hear Closure knocking the door to her quarter as she was wearing headphones, who resorted to hack the door open. Upon trying to tap on the Anaty's shoulder, Mayer angrily bit Closure for interrupting her work. Closure asked Mayer for her help, but she noticed that the door is open when it is supposed to be sealed. To her surprise, Mayer had installed CCTVs to watch over the door. Closure tried to stop her from viewing the CCTV records, but Mayer viewed them nonetheless and noticed that Closure had hacked the door. As a punishment, Mayer had her Robotters gang up on Closure. After Closure apologized, she asked whether Mayer could help, who accepted but she will have to finish her other works first. Before Closure left, Mayer asked her to repair the door.[11]

THRM-EX: Scorching-Hot Assault!

Closure noticed that someone had been using unauthorized electronics on the landship which caused some energy disruption. From others' testimonies, she suspected that it was THRM-EX doing it, but he was on a mission in Siracusa with the Doctor and others. With that, she decided to wait for the robot to return after their mission.

In the evening, THRM-EX came to the workshop for his regular checkup by Mayer and Closure. Closure mentioned about the robot's strange behavior and the issue on the landship. In return, he elaborated that the landship's insulation system is not functioning well and, to protect the Doctor from getting cold, has been providing its heat energy during sleeping hours. As for the disruption, it was caused by his recharging. With that said, Closure was surprised to see a robot evolving on its own. Although Mayer wanted to take a report on such a breakthrough, Closure opposed, saying that the robot's evolution was not a coincidence but by his own will.[12]