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A Feranmut codenamed "Lifebone" is an NPC in Arknights. It is alluded to in Ceobe's Fungimist[1] and Lone Trail[2] before appearing as the main subject of the second half of Episode 13.


A massive creature which appearance resembles that of a whale skeleton, the Feranmut known as "Lifebone" is capable of slowing down everything around It and traveling backwards in time. At one point centuries ago, It invaded and almost destroyed a certain part of Kazdel, but was then killed by the Sanguinarch in a ferocious battle. After Its demise, the Sarkaz believed that Its consciousness was fragmented and sealed into various objects. One fragment is located within Ulšulah's pocket watch, while another one was sealed in a pair of Kazdelian staves, the "Black Lock & White Key", which would later be found by a certain Pontifica Cohors Lateran squad many years later, in 1091.[3][4][5] Although the Feranmut is long dead, the Sanguinarch is performing a ritual to resurrect It using the consciousness fragments stored in Its bones.

In Kazdelian mythology, the Sarkaz hero that Ulšulah is named after used the Lifebone's powers to travel different pasts in order to rescue her lost compatriots, who were trapped between time and space.[6]


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