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Croque Diamondface is an NPC in Arknights. She is a supporting character in Ideal City.


Croque Diamondface acts as the mayor as well as the business representative of Zeruertza. Back when Zeruertza was still connected to other cities, Croque handled trade relationships between them. However, after an earthquake cut off their only railway, her job has been relegated to managing simple things such as making announcements, interacting with local sellers, and advertising new entertainment activities. Still, she doesn't mind the leisurely change.

Compared to most Durins, Croque takes her job rather seriously and is a stringent businesswoman. Outside of work hours, she enjoys drinking and is an avid visitor to the local library. She is incredibly fascinated by the variety of informative books, which come from the overground, and even mastered Sargonian in order to read them. She is also a fan of Pozëmka's writing and one of the few who understands her complex past.[1]


Ideal City

Croque is first approached by Gavial and Inam, who want to persuade her to destroy Zeruertza's Great Aquapit. She engaged in talks with the latter, inquiring what Acahualla could bring to the table in exchange. During their discussion, Inam took notice of Croque’s interest in the overground and showed her some video tapes featuring the Dossoles Warrior Championship. Croque was immediately enticed by the high-intensity thrill of the videos and agreed with Inam to host a similar competitions to entertain the Durins after the Great Aquapit’s destruction.

Croque eventually meets up with the other Zereuertzan representatives to discuss the Great Aquapit’s fate. The group quickly agreed to demolish the water park and fix up the city’s railroad. Croque also announces that they will be holding another design competition for a new landmark that will take the Great Aquapit’s place.[2] After the Great Aquapit was decommissioned, Croque suddenly reveals that they will be hosting a swimming competition, taking inspiration from the Dossoles Warrior Championship videos. Croque acts as the event’s MC, commentating over the contestants during the whole race.[3]

Soon after the competition, Croque receives the bad news that Gavial and the others have found an active Originium vein that is very close to exploding. She announces this information to the public, who remain strangely unalarmed, with some even wanting to renovate their houses. When Inam asks about this, Croque explains that Durins treat the end of their cities by dressing them as beautifully as possible, so that even after its destruction, what remains is the city at its most glorious.[4]

With Zeruertza facing destruction, Croque decides to look forward on how to improve the residents' livelihood. Croque's interactions with Inam made her interested in collaborating with businesses from the overground, but she is anxious as she is unfamiliar with the surface. To that end, she made a deal with Inam to have Pozëmka act as a middleman between them.[5] She would later bring Pozëmka to Rhodes Island as a surveyor.[6]