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Inam is an NPC in Arknights. She is a supporting character in The Great Chief Returns and Ideal City.


Even though Inam has been living in the jungle of Acahualla, she is not native to the region. She came from the Sargonian heartland in the desert and became both a Messenger and an imperial envoy at a young age. When the Sargonian lords considered relocating one of their nomadic cities to Acahualla, Inam was sent to act as a bridge between the Acahuallans and the outside world. Later on, she decided to settle in the jungle after the plan was abandoned.

Inam was acquainted with Gavial who frequently visited the village where she lives. After Gavial left Acahualla, Inam started to establish a thriving commerce business which gave the Acahuallans some degree of insight to the outside world. She also became the chieftain of her tribe, the "Inam Committee." Among the wares traded by Inam were books, which Zumama and Tomimi found very helpful in their technomania and curiosity, respectively.[1]

Although the Committee is one of the largest tribes in Acahualla, it does not participate in the Mahuizzotia festivals because Inam prefers to have her tribe focus on its merchantile business.[2]

Side Stories

The Great Chief Returns

Gavial arrived at her village in order to search for the missing Croissant. To the rest's surprise, Inam pointed out that Croissant was actually staying there to start her small business. Inam rescued her after the plane crash and now she was admired by the trading skills of this outsider.

Meanwhile, her tribesmen had been harassed by the nearby Great Wood Tribe that was led by a strange woman with a blade. It turned out that Utage had been challenging the people of Great Wood and, as a tradition, the tribe let her become their leader. Because of the laguange barrier, Utage thought that she was just having some fun.[1] Luckily, Inam was able to settle both sides peacefully.

By the time everything was resolved, both Zumama and Gavial had decided to leave Acahualla for Rhodes Island. But the tribesmen would have no one to lead them. So, before the departure, Gavial requested Inam to become the Great Chief.[3]

Ideal City