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The Damazti Cluster is an NPC in Arknights. They are one of the antagonists of Episodes 10 and 11, the main antagonist of Episode 12, and a supporting character in Episode 13.


As the leader of the Damazti Sarkaz, the Damazti Cluster is a supporter of the Kazdel Royal Court – although they claim Regent Theresis has no sway over them.[1] Unlike the other Sarkaz leaders, the Cluster is titled as such (instead of being regarded as a "King" or similar) to highlight their dividuality. They also had lived for a very long time – in fact, the Cluster is present when the legendary Aslan Padishah Lugalszargus is alive over a Terran millennia ago and had stepped foot on Kazimierz and Iberia in the past.

As a Damazti, the Cluster can take on the appearance of other individuals. Their mimicry is nearly indistinguishable from the original, and is not limited to the living; furthermore, they inherit the memories of those they imitate. This allows them to seamlessly infiltrate Kazdel's enemies and obtain vital information without being compromised. The Cluster can also divide themselves into multiple semi-autonomous clones called Isomorphic Fragments, each one capable of mimicking multiple individuals at the same time.

However, the Cluster lacks a great deal of comprehension regarding human emotions. Despite their powers, they are susceptible to interference by those with mind-reading abilities. Anyone personally close with the person being mimicked can also see through its disguise, due to slight changes in personality. Killing the Cluster alone is not enough to end their life as they can reincarnate through the Isomorphic Fragments, effectively making them immortal.

The Damazti Cluster is against mimicking the deceased unless ordered to, as it brings great discomfort to them and their allies.[2] They may also grow sympathetic with the chosen individuals due to inheriting their memories.


Episode 10

The Damazti Cluster (second from the left) alongside the other Sarkaz leaders

Episode 11

Episode 12

Don't get the Cluster angry...
"We envy you... for your faith till the end. What an experience."
The original Cluster's last moments, asking whether Amiya is going to be the Lord of Fiends she chooses to be

Episode 13

Known guises

  • Bill: An Eartha fighter and close comrade of Feist and Rockrock. He was captured by the Kazdelians and died while being interrogated about Eartha's hideout, refusing to divulge any information until his last breath. The Cluster took on Bill's appearance, and was "rescued" by Eartha along with Heidi and the others, allowing the Cluster to relay the position of Eartha's hideout to the Kazdelian forces. After being pressured, they willingly revealed their trickery to Amiya, who caught on to them using her empathic abilities. They then swiftly escaped amidst the chaos after Manfred began bombing the hideout, but not before passing on Bill's final message to Feist and Rockrock.[1]
  • Mr. Thomas: A Londinium citizen and owner of a Loxic Kohl factory, before it was taken over during the Kazdelian invasion of Londinium. He was wanted by R.I., Dublinn, and the Kazdelians for his ability to navigate through Londinium. At some point, the real Mr. Thomas died and was replaced by the Cluster. They disguised as him in order to lure Dublinn to Sudean as part of Manfred's plans. After this, they faked their own death during Manfred's bombing of Sudean.[3]
  • Throughout most of Episode 11 and 12, the Cluster assumed the form of Molly after having Lettou held the real one in captive to spy on Golding. The Cluster eventually revealed their true identity to Golding, causing her to commit suicide, and had the real Molly allowed to return to St. Marsol sometime afterwards.[4]
  • Colbert.png
    Colbert: A Victorian Sarkaz who runs a hotel named Sunset Street in Norport Borough.
  • During the attack on Irnclad Galavae, the Cluster — the one half which remains with the Royal Court — assumed the form of Duq'arael to trick the Duke of Windermere into a pincer attack together with the real Duq'arael. They later taunted Delphine who is in shock after her mother lost the fight by shapeshifting into various figures she knew.
  • During the Confessarii's attack on W's Londinium safehouse, the Cluster — the one half which sides with R.I. — assumed Mon3tr's form to aid in the defense.