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The Shadow Guards, also known as the Black Raincoats due to their uniform, are an organization in Arknights, playing a story role in Episodes 06 to 08. They also appear in Where Vernal Winds Will Never Blow.


A covert unit under the direct command of Lungmen's Chief Executive Wei Yenwu, the Shadow Guards are connected in some way with the Emperor's Blades of Ursus in which they likely hail from the now-defunct Gaul. Some of them are said to be former Imperial Guards of Yan.[1]


Episode 06

Under the secret command of Wei Yenwu, the Shadow Guards appeared from the darkness and assisted the Lungmen Guard Department in the total assault onto the fleeing Reunion fighters. However, their presence as well as their merciless tactics horrified both Ch'en and the Rhodes Island Operators.[2] Ch'en questioned their intention, thinking that they were some sort of hostile units. But the Shadow Guards refused to state their mission, warning her to mind her own business.[3]

The Shadow Guards were also responsible for the total annihilation of the Yeti Squadron, leaving no survivor behind.[4]

Episode 07

Being furious by Wei's decision to dispatch the Shadow Guards during the total assault, Ch'en pointed her sword onto him. The incident alerted them and they broke into Wei's office without permission. The Shadow Guards wanted Wei to send them to the core city of Chernobog and kill Talulah. At the same time, they promised they would do whatever it takes to protect Wei, even if it means to kill Ch'en. Upon hearing their words, Wei ordered them to retreat and stay back while Ch'en reaffirmed her decision to leave Lungmen.[5]

Episode 08

At the end of the Chernobog-Lungmen crisis, an Emperor's Blade who supervised the Third Army during the crisis planned to continue Kashchey's plan but was immediately stopped by a Shadow Guard. The Guard responded to the Blade using the language of the now-defunct Gaul, but the Blade became furious, declaring that the age of Gaul was already over. Meanwhile, the Blade refused the Guard's offer to serve Yan. In disappointment, the Guard sighed that there was no inner peace inside the Blade and that Ursus will eventually meet its downfall. Before the two's departure, they promise that they will meet again somewhere in the future.[1]