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Gulo is an NPC in Arknights. He is a supporting character in Break the Ice.


The rough-mannered Anaty general Gulo is one of the military commanders of the Paleroche clan, one of the three ruling clans of Kjerag. He is described as "Kjerag's sturdiest soldier".

Six months before the events of Break the Ice, Gulo had an altercation with Gnosis Edelweiss.[1]


Break the Ice

Gulo is first mentioned when Ratatos asks Arctosz Paleroche why he didn't escort him to the Tri-Clan Council's convention, where Arctosz answers that Gulo caught a cold.[2]

Later Gulo leads a squad of Paleroche warriors to "invite" the Doctor into meeting with Arctosz. When Ensia Silverash protests Gulo and his men showing up suddenly, he explains that Enciodes had allowed the Paleroches to do so before asking which one is the Doctor; they can either admit it or try to deceive the Anaty by having Sharp pose as them or denying it, although Gulo doesn't buy it. He tries to take the Doctor by force, but is stopped by the arrival of Degenbrecher who chastises him and makes Gulo invite the Doctor politely. He later attends with Arctosz during the meeting with the Doctor alongside his fellow general Valais.[1]

Amidst the mess in the Grand Ceremony, Gulo brought Paleroche warriors under his command as Arctosz orders them to deal with the treacherous Enciodes until they are surrounded by the Tschäggättäs at which he commands Gulo to gather the warriors and attempt to break through the encirclement.[3]

As the Paleroches return to their territory, Gulo angrily berates the clansmen who discussed the news that Arctosz had poisoned the Great Elder, but the patriarch calms him down and tells him that they will deal with the Silverashes soon, only to be interrupted by Valais' arrival alongside the Tschäggättäs, who is called out by Gulo as a traitor.[4]

Gulo later leads the Paleroche-Browntail armies marching through the snowy passes alongside Sciurus and asks the Doctor why they are marching so slowly, to which the Doctor answers to distract the Silverashses. He then praises the Doctor for quickly locating where Yucatan is being held captive, to which Sciurus calls him out for being an "idiot", which is taken as a compliment by the Anaty, before being reminded of his mission: the Paleroches are to capture the train station in Mount Karlan's foothills to draw the Silverashes' attention while the Browntails rescue Yucatan.[5]

Gulo and his soldiers capture the station and force the passengers of a newly arriving train to evacuate before allowing Ensia, who joins with them to get closer towards Mt. Karlan, to leave for the mountain, but not before affirming that she wants to stop Enciodes too. The Paleroches then dismantle the rails to cut off the Silverashes' supply lines just as Valais shows up which pleases Gulo as he went to settle the score with her.[6] The duel between Gulo and Valais becomes a stalemate as both are evenly matched, but before they could land the decisive blow, a miraculous sight from Mt. Karlan prompts both to stand down.[7]