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Du Yaoye is an NPC in Arknights. She is a supporting character in Invitation to Wine and Where Vernal Winds Will Never Blow.


A straight-foward Feline girl with expertise on martial arts, wilderness survival, and escort businesses, Du Yaoye is Zheng's adoptive daughter and the appointed heir of the Xingyu Escort Association, even though she strongly prefers to do what she wants with her life.

Her biological father was an old friend of Meng Tieyi, and an escort who died on a mission ten years ago, when the caravan he and many others have been escorting was ambushed by bandits. Zheng did not help his fellow collegues, but rather left them to die at the expense of protecting one of the transported goods, a black goblet.[1] From that incident afterwards, the little Du has been under the protection of Zheng, with the Escort Association becoming a humble inn.

At the same time, Du is also the owner of her own startup business called Xingyu Logistics, which became Yumen's top logistics company[2]


Invitation to Wine

Du Yaoye first showed up by barging into the inn with her underlings. She briefly mistook Mr. Nothing for Lee, before correctly identifying him and demanding he hand over the goblet. Then, due to Mr. Nothing and Lee recognizing each other, she assumed they were together, resulting in a fight. However, Zheng intervened, which caused her to stand down.

In Liang's house in Shangshu, she negotiated with Lee, revealing that her father has forced her to pretend to be shallow and arrogant while secretly doing favors for the royal court so that she can inherit the Association. However, she does not want to inherit the Association, believing it to be too suffocating due to rules from its royal court connections. It was also revealed that her earlier actions were because a person from the royal court wanted the goblet. She promised his safety returning to Lungmen and in exchange, he agreed to help her keep up her act so.

Du ran into Kroos and got into a fight. Du expressed distrust for the three of them (Kroos, Mr. Nothing, and Lee), but also told Kroos that she made a deal with Lee. Kroos was still wary. Du hinted that the person who hired the Association could be higher up the ranks than Liang. Then, her underlings and Mr. Nothing showed up, causing another fight. Du retreated her underlings and left after warning Kroos and Mr. Nothing.

Afterwards, she argued with her father about the mission and her position. She expressed that she unhappy with pretending to be naive and having to be someone who she is not. Zheng stated that she is not capable of dealing with the issue and that she doesn't understand. She mentioned how the younger generation is unhappy, but he claimed he is worried about her ability to run an organization and that she may be ruining this mission on purpose.

Then, while Du was guarding Lee and the goblet, they were attacked by Blacknight, who used slumberfoots to steal the goblet. Du wanted to pursue her, but Lee stopped her. Later, after Lee met with Liang, he teasingly implied that Du really does care about her father and also told her that Blacknight wasn't acting alone, but rather was being used by someone. In the morning, Lee noticed that the waregeists appeared more when nearer to the goblet, and pointed it out to Du.

In a teahouse, she encountered Shang and Lee. Shang, who was openly carrying the goblet, left after some small talk about governments and tea. The waregeists showed up, but Du and Lee fought them off. On the way to the mountain peak where they were supposed to meet Kroos and Mr. Nothing, they noticed Taihe and Zuo Le, who she identified as officials from the royal court. Almost immediately after, Du saw her father carrying his sword, which she was surprised by.

After everyone meets at the mountain peak, Shang and Zheng fight. Shang tells Du about her biological father's death and mother leaving the city. Du reveals that she has known all of it and confidently proclaims that she is going to take over the Association and the inn. The duel resumes but Du blocks a hit to protect her dad. The goblet is flung away during the fight, and she tells Lee to go after it.

Where Vernal Winds Will Never Blow