Luo Xiaobai

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Luo Xiaobai is an NPC in Arknights. She is a supporting character in It's Been A While.


Xiaobai is a primary school girl who is known for her curiosity and her playfulness. She is the adopter of Xiaohei when the Elfin was severely injured by Diting after he attempted to steal the Shining Pearl from Laojun, and she kindly took care of him as her own pet cat while not knowing his real identity. Following the incident at the Lanxi Town within Laojun's domain, Xiaobai was not surprised to know Xiaohei's identity and still treated him as her pet. After Xiaohei regain his transformation power, Xiaobai did not abandon him but sees Xiaohei as his close friend alongside his cousin Ah Gen.


It's Been A While