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Lateran... Our Paradise is a lie. Your faith is hollow. Any friendship, faith, hope, future... it's all gone. No one can really be saved... No one... no one can truly find redemption...
—Clément's last words

Clément Dubois is an NPC in Arknights. He is a major supporting character in Hortus de Escapismo.


A middle-aged Elafian man of Gaulish descent who hails from Iberia, noted for his frail physical condition, Clément is one of the inhabitants of Sanctilaminium Ambrosii where he acts as a humble gardener, and one of the monastery's caretakers. Little is known about his background other than his family having to flee their ancestral homeland out of embarrasment and destitution, with Clément himself not possesing any country citizenship. They used to live in a stranded coastal city in Iberia which was abandoned after the Profund Silence devasted the country, albeit under poor life conditions. On top of that, during a famine that was affecting the city, the Dubois were forced to kill their neighbor next door.

Clément would eventually seek shelter in the Ambrosii, where he would live for more than a decade. On the other hand, he doesn't just like gardening, but also has a particular fondness for a certain species of flower. Indeed, by the third year after the monastery anchored in the wastes, a Catastrophe destroyed the nearby woodlands, and the sandstorms eroded the few already-poor fields inside the monastery, so Clément proposed the idea of renovating and repurposing the sacrarium into a floral greenhouse. According to the monastery residents' accounts, Clément has an habit of constantly apologizing for anything he does or happens, be it for himself or for others, while always showing his sincerity and punctuality whenever someone quarreled, fell to illness, or passed away, despite not being able to help.[1]

He also has a good relationship with Gerald, to whom he owes him after he and his partner Eileen rescued him from a group of bandits after the later insisted.[2]


Hortus de Escapismo

Clément presenting Gerald's decapitated head and dagger to Federico and co.
Alone and forsaken, the gardener realizes the meaning of Nietszche's saying, "God is dead"