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Candela Sanchez is an NPC in Arknights. She is a supporting character in Dossoles Holiday and Operation Lucent Arrowhead.


Candela is the daughter of the previous mayor of Dossoles, Bolívar, who bought the city in the 1070s to continue its unfinished renovation plans.[1] He was a useless puppet for the regime installed by the Leithanian government, but after his corruption was found out, he was punished by exile together with his family. During their exile, young Candela had travelled around many rich nations, especially Kazimierz and Victoria. It was during this period she learnt that money is the only source of stability for the war-torn Bolívar. She returned to her homeland by the time she grew up while carrying such an ideology, and she has since been running Dossoles as its mayor since 1083.[2]

People who know Candela personally will comment that she is a 'cunning woman without any bottomline'. On one hand, she has made Dossoles the only safe haven in Bolívar where its three war factions have to listen to her words. On the other hand, not only does she turn a blind eye on Dossoles' criminal activities, but also makes use of all means, regardless of morals, to subjugate those war factions and with her bustling economic power, she could even easily cut off their supplies. As a consequence, many, especially in the eyes of the True Bolívarians, consider her a traitor of the country who uses materialism to erase the people's fighting spirit.

Side Stories

Dossoles Holiday

As usual, Candela sent invitations to the Weis and the Lins to be representatives for the 8the season of the Dossoles Warrior Championship. She greeted Ch'en and Lin Yühsia at her private cruise ship upon their arrival and referred to them as her "nieces" out of her respect for Wei Yenwu. While Candela had made arrangement for the two's vacation through her assistant Ernesto, she also requested them to investigate an illegal weapon trafficking there.[3]

Candela was the judge for the Warrior Championship where she commented the skills of the participants. However, when Pancho hijacked the city's television system and proclaimed his terrorist attack, not only she calmly faced his threat, knowing that he would do it somehow, but also she made her counterattack by reviving those teams who failed in the competition. This time, she boastfully announced that those who successfully captured Pancho would be the ultimate winner of the Championship. With that said, many teams rushed out to suppress the mobsters. In the meantime, she coincidentally met Hoshiguma and Swire who came to protect the mayor from an attempted assassination, recognized them as Ch'en's and Yühsia's friends, and had the two of them stay on her side.[4]

After the cruise ship was blasted by Yühsia's bombs, Pancho and his men came to the shore, encountered Candela, and somewhat willingly surrendered themselves. Surprisingly, Candela invited him for a dinner even though the old sailor knew that it was meant to be a mockery. Candela jokingly pointed out that Pancho had actually accepted financial support from Leithanien despite claiming himself to be free from all the three Bolívarian factions. In her opinion, he should have find her to achieve his great campaign in the first place so that he would not have fallen miserably. Pancho boasted that he was at least more just than her; on the other hand, Candela replied that she is never interested in either the affairs of the three factions or those self-proclaimed "justice." All she cares is the meaning of this city.[5]

In the aftermath right after Pancho's arrest, Candela held a grand festival for Ch'en and Yühsia at the beach to celebrate their victory.[5] She also pardoned Ernesto and Rafaela out of the former's contribution for the city even though it came with the price of his termination from his office, and implied expulsion and exile from Dossoles.

Operation Lucent Arrowhead

This article pertains to a subject that is not yet released in the Global server of Arknights.